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Louisiana Icegators Tickets

The Cajundome located in Lafayette, Louisiana is playing host to multiple ice hockey events where its home team, the Louisiana Icegators promises to devour its rivals. Teams that will be challenging the Icegators include Mississippi Surge, Pensacola Ice Flyers, Peoria Rivermen, Mississippi Riverkings and Fayetteville Fireantz. This season games are expected to be held in Lafayette, Columbus and Peoria. In the team’s 2012-13 season, the Icegators finished seventh in the Southern Professional Hockey League, competing in the quarterfinals. Catch the Louisiana Icegators as they aim to make their way to the playoffs this year. Louisiana Icegators tickets are in high demand among the ice hockey fans all over America. 

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Louisiana Icegators

Event Type:

Ice hockey regular season game

Team Colors:

Green, White, Black and Gold

The Host Venue

With a majority of playoffs taking place at the Cajundome, the Louisiana Icegators will be defending their honor in their home city. A couple of games will also be held at venues including the Peoria Civic Center and the Crown Coliseum. Situated in Lafayette, the 13,500 seat venue is a multi-use arena that is known for holding basketball games, ice hockey playoffs, wrestling matches and concerts.

Constructed by the Blunt Brothers Corporation, the Cajundome cost over sixty million dollars. Undergoing renovations in 2002, a new convention center was constructed in the building that offered an extra space of 2118 spectators. Currently serving as home to the Lafayette Wildcatters and the Louisiana Icegators, the venue is inviting ice hockey fans to enjoy exciting games.

Introducing the Louisiana Icegators

The Louisiana Icegators was formed in 2009 by Danny Smith, a local businessman based in Lafayette. Taking the name of a previous ice hockey franchise that played in the area from 1995 till 2005, the Icegators joined the Southern Professional Hockey League in 2009. Ron Handy was appointed the first coach of the newly formed ice hockey franchise and after just a year’s time founder Danny Smith sold the franchise to two businessmen, E.C. Anselmo, III and E.C. Anselmo Jr.

At the time of the team’s formation, the Louisiana Icegators’ roster consisted of players including Drew Baker, Jeff Bieber, Nick Bydal, Tobias Carlsson, Chris Clark, Paul D’Agostino, Alex Hager, Jason Hamilton, Jim Jensen , Shane Kenny and Matt Smyth.

Season Records & Current Statistics

After a slow inaugural season that ended with the score of 0-3-0, Coach Ron Handy was replaced by Brent Sapergia. After being disqualified in two games, John Gibson filled in the position of Head Coach while Ron Handy was appointed as the team’s General Manager. The Louisiana Icegators are currently affiliated with NHL’s New York Islanders. The 2013 season has brought forth center player Shawn McNeil and forward player Chris Wilson as the top scorers, with 39 goal points each.

They are closely followed by Matthew Roberston and Adam Stuart with 38 and 37 goal points, respectively. The current roster for the Icegators consists of a diverse ethnicity as the team comprises of players from Pembroke, Prince Albert, Calgary, Saskatoon, Anchorage, Rhein, Teulon, North Vancouver, Burlington, Foxboro, San Diego, Jordan, Duncan, Regina, Niagara Falls, Cleveland Heights and Youngsville. This roster ended the 2013 season with 73 points, 56 goal points and an impressive 172 goals in favor of the team. Watch as the Louisiana Icegators prepare to set a record goal point score for their 2014 season. The series of exciting games are expected to be played soon. 


More Information about Louisiana Icegators

  • In 2012-13 the Louisiana Icegators qualified for the SPHL Cup. The team made its way till the semi-finals, but lost in the second last round of the championship.
  • The most number of goals scored for the team i.e. 175 and goals scored against the team i.e. 223 were recorded in the Icegators’ inaugural season.
  • The official media sponsor of the Louisiana Icegators is the Lafayette Daily Advertiser.
  • The current Head Coach of the Icegators is Kevin Kaminski with Louis Dumont serves as the team’s General Manager.
  • The very first game that the Louisiana Icegators played was against the Pensacola Ice Flyers. The Icegators won with a score of 5-4.