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The two times PCL (Pacific Coast League) champions, Las Vegas 51s have recently defeated Oklahoma City RedHawks by a 4-1 score, after they had beaten Memphis by a 5-2 score recently. The 51s are back on track and seem all geared up to snatch the champions' title again this year. Being newly purchased by the Summerlin Las Vegas Baseball Club, the team is more excited than ever to prove themselves once again as ‘The' baseball team of the league. With this passion and fiery performances, it is no surprise to see the fans enthusiastically buying Las Vegas 51 tickets.

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Las Vegas 51s



First League Championship


The Las Vegas 51s are a minor league baseball team, and currently Triple-A affiliates of the New York Mets. 51s have made a name as one of the best teams in Pacific Coast League. Despite losing to Nashville, the 51s were able to keep the lead. They were even ahead of Tucson by two games. In the matches against Memphis and Oklahoma City RedHawks also, they have made some tangible scores. Who knows Las Vegas 51s might actually claim the championship this season again, which if they do, would be the third one for them.
The Beginning
Although the current form of the Las Vegas 51s was established in 1983, the formation roots of the team can be traced back to 1919. The Las Vegas 51s were originally formed as the second manifestation of the Portland Beavers baseball club. The team took its name from Area 51, located about eighty miles North of Vegas, near Rachel, Nevada. The formation details are a bit hazy but the earliest major league affiliations of the team are St. Louis Cardinals since 1961, followed by Kansas City Athletics in1962-3. Cleveland Indians joined the team for 162-3 and then again in 1972 after a small episode with Minnesota Twins in 1971. Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners and California Angels have been affiliated with the team until its journey till1983, when it began its new life as the team we see today.
1983 and Henceforth
The first major league football affiliation of the Las Vegas 51s in its current form was with the San Diego Padres, which continued from 1983 till 2000. Los Angeles Dodgers then continued their association with the 51s for the next eight years, followed by Toronto Blue Jays. When ‘Buffalo Bisons' changed their affiliation from New York Mets to Blue Jays, the New York Mets in turn aligned themselves with Las Vegas 51s.
The Las Vegas 51s have re-located several times since their inception. The team started playing baseball firstly in Vaughn Street Park in 1919, and it remained their playing field until 1955. After that the team re-located to Civic Stadium in 1956 and remained there until1972. This was followed by another re-location for the team and Fairgrounds Recreational Park became their next ballpark for games and practices.
Since 1983 however, the Las Vegas 51s have been playing at Cashman Field. There have been reports and rumors of a new playing field for the team but the practical application of such plans has been non-existent. Now that the team has recently changed ownership, there is news yet again for moving the team to a sixty million dollars stadium in Summerlin, near the Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino.
Achievements and Accomplishments
The Las Vegas 51s have been the champions of PCL twice, 1986 and 1988. The team has also won eight division titles, the last one in 1996. Pacific Coast League Most Valuable Player (PCL MVP) Award has been won by several players of Las Vegas 51s. Brad Mills earned the team a PCL Manager of the Year Award, and Don Logan won the PCL Executive of the Year twice. All in all the team and the management have proven themselves time and again. No wonder it is that fans do not want to miss out on a thrilling game of their favorite team.

Did You Know?

  1. Las Vegas 51s were renowned as Las Vegas Stars pre 2000.
  2. The All-Time Record for the team is 2,075-2,203 (.485)
  3. The team plays 7.05 onwards in April, May and June, and 12.05 & 7.05 onwards in July, August and September.
  4. The radio channel for the team is Fox Sports Radio (920 AM).
  5. In June 2007, the Las Vegas 51s were inducted in Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame, at the Orleans Arena.