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Freestyle Motocross Tickets

Get ready to witness an explosive choreographed motocross show as the distinguished Nuclear Cowboyz return with their celebrated annual FMX tour. Featuring gravity defying stunts, the arena based production offers a one of a kind experience for the audiences. The tour has garnered immense popularity over the years and has now become one of the most sought after FMX events throughout North America. The upcoming tour is expected to feature top freestyle athletes, choreographed by an award winning team. The Nuclear Cowboyz will be raiding all the major arenas around the US including the Izod Center, Tampa Bay Times Forum, Amway Center and Pepsi Center. 

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2014 Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Motocross Tour


Evolution of Freestyle Motocross

A variation of motocross, the FMX mainly features two types of freestyle competitions, the freestyle motocross and the Big Air. In both the contests, the riders try to impress a panel of judges with high flying stunts and jaw dropping techniques in order to score points based on their method, agility, trick difficulty and style. The Freestyle Motocross came into existence after several professional motocross athletes began attempting back-flips on motocross bikes. The riders tried to use the same back-flip techniques used on BMX bikes while covering longer distances. After several successful attempts, the once impossible back-flips and highly flying stunts became a norm and gave birth to Freestyle Motocross.

The Choreographed Tour

The Nuclear Cowboyz Tour features a riveting storyline that is revealed through breathtaking freestyle stunts and tricks performed by the world’s most dominant riders and athletes. The plot follows an allied tribe, the Nuclear Cowboyz, who fight a seemingly indestructible evil tyrant and its army. The adrenaline pumping show also comprises of heart wrenching performances by the Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors along with the largest indoor pyrotechnics show. The oomph to the show is added by stunning laser effects and an infectious music covering genres like alternative hip hop, electronic dubtsep and heavy metal.

Experience It Live

This season, the Nuclear Cowboyz will mark their fifth touring year, which is expected to be more grand and happening. The audiences are eagerly waiting to witness the critically acclaimed Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors as they test the limits of human body by breaking objects with precise strikes and bending metal rods with their bodies. The viewers will also be able to catch illustrious X Games medalists and award winning athletes such as Marco Picado, Nick Dune, Derek Garland, Colten Moore, Matt Buyten and Ronnie Faisst, all on one stage. All avid fans of Nuclear Cowboyz will be on a lookout for Freestyle Motocross tickets this season. The audience can make sure to be a part of this explosive action packed journey and witness a marvelously choreographed show for a memorable experience.

Did You Know…

  1. Caleb Wyatt became the first person to successfully perform a back-flip on a large motorcycle in 2002.
  2. The first successful double back-flip performed during an FMX competition was executed by Travis Pastrana at the X Games 12 in 2006.
  3. Stunt Choreographer for Nuclear Cowboyz, Micky Dymond has won two AMA Motocross National Championships in the past.
  4. Nuclear Cowboyz director, Scotty Nguyen, has worked with Michael Jackson and has also choreographed for MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.
  5. Australian athlete, Jacko Strong, landed FMX’s first ever front-flip in front of a crowd of over six thousand fans in 2010.