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The Connecticut Sun added a few players to their ranks to make a concerted push for the postseason. The plan hasn't exactly gone according to the script and the team has had an up and down campaign. That is not surprising because whenever a team makes multiple changes it takes time for them to click. The Sun aren't the first team to go through this transitional phase and they certainly won' be the last. What happens next is anyone's guess but it sure adds a lot of intrigue to proceedings.


Connecticut Sun

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The Connecticut Sun have been pretty consistent when it comes to making the playoffs but winning a league title has remained a dream that is yet to materialize. To take the team to the next level, the think tank made some changes to the playing roster which has borne mixed results this season. The team is in transition and the support of their fans will count for a lot during this time. What better way to back your team than buying Connecticut Sun tickets and watch them play live.

The Start

The Connecticut Sun can trace their roots back to the year 1999 when the Orlando Miracle began to play. The Miracle remained in Orlando for four years during which they put together a fairly decent record. When the 2002 campaign came to a close then NBA decided to let go off every WNBA team and asked their operators to own them. Orlando Magic declined that offer so the franchise was bought by Mohegan Tribe.

The Move to Connecticut

New owners didn't waste any time in re-locating the team to Uncasville and changing the name to the Connecticut Sun. A lot of changes were made to the playing team and the coaching staff. Mike Thibault was handed coaching reigns and the team took to the court for the first time starting 2003 season. A lot of people thought that they would not be able to make any sort of major impact but the team had other ideas. They went on to make the postseason in their first campaign as a Connecticut team.

Game History

The Connecticut Sun now had momentum and confidence and they made the most of it. Next season saw them make the playoffs once again as the top seeded Eastern Conference team. In the postseason they defeated the Washington Mystics in the first round and then downed New York Liberty in the finals to clinch their first conference title. In WNBA Finals, they came up short against the Seattle Storm. The Sun dominated the conference next season. They came up trumps against Detroit Shock in the first round and then went on to defeat the Indiana Fever to get their hands on a second successive conference crown. The WNBA Finals saw them square-off against the Sacramento Monarchs and the Sun came up short once again. They made it to the playoffs at the end of the next two seasons as well but didn't manage to repeat their postseason exploits of the last two campaigns and went home empty handed. The management then decided to make multiple changes to the playing staff in order to reach the top of the mountain but it didn't work out like that and didn't make it to the playoffs next season for the first time since their move to Connecticut. The same happened in 2010.

Recent Performance

Connecticut Sun bounced back in style by going to the postseason in 2011 as well as 2012. In the first of those two seasons they reached the conference semifinals which were followed by a loss in the conference finals next year. The Sun are still trying to get their hands on the elusive WNBA championship and with eight postseason appearances in the last ten years it will take a brave man to bet against them getting there in the foreseeable future.


Did You Know?

  • The Connecticut Sun was the first WNBA team not associated with an NBA counterpart.
  • Their 26-8 2005 regular season record was the best in the league's history.
  • They matched their 2005 record next season as well.
  • 2007 saw them win eleven of their last thirteen games in 2007 to make it to the playoffs.
  • They are the sole major professional sports representatives of the entire Hartford region.