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Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl Tickets

Texas Tech have now accepted the invitation to headline this year’s Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl which means they will now be squaring off against Arizona State in this annual football extravaganza. The Holiday Bowl is one of the most important games on the football calendar.  A lot of that is down to the fact that it has seen its share of epic clashes over the years. Teams that have taken part in it have always tried to bring their A-Game to the table because they know its importance. With the latest edition now just around the corner, San Diego is once again bracing itself for the arrival of thousands of football fans around the country for what once again promises to be a humdinger of a game.

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Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl


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The Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl is now all set and ready to host its thirty sixth edition. This annual football game has been at the center of all that is great about football, especially college football. Some of the best young players in the country have played in it over the years and have gone on to etch their names in the sport’s folklore because of their epic performances on the field. Fans around the country are expecting to see another fantastic game which explains the speed with which Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl tickets are being bought.

An Insight

The Western Athletic Conference had been associated with the Fiesta Bowl for quite a long time but that relationship ended in the year 1977. WAC teams now needed a new bowl game and that is when the Holiday Bowl was incepted. The Western Athletic Conference champions began to get selected for the game automatically. The first ever edition of the Holiday Bowl was held on 22nd December, 1978 with a game between Navy and BYU. It turned out to be a relatively close encounter that was won by the former by a 23-16 score.

Current Format and Legacy

The game has continued to grow in stature ever since. WAC remained associated with it till 1997 and the Big Ten teams took part in it from 1986 and 1994. Currently it’s the Pac-12 and Big 12 that send their teams to the annual Holiday Bowl. The team in the fifth place in the Big 12 now takes on the team on the third spot in Pac-12.

The format will once again be changed in its 2013 edition. Big-10 will replace Big-12 and a team from that conference will then go head to head with their Pac-12 counterparts. The game’s profile has increased multiple times over as well. It is now covered and broadcasted around the country by the biggest sports networks and that has played its part in helping the Holiday Bowl in becoming the phenomenon it is today.

Most Wins and Appearances

BYU hold the record for the most Holiday Bowl appearances with eleven against their name. Second on the list are Texas with five and they are followed by Washington with four. BYU also tops the list of schools with most Holiday Bowl wins with four. Texas and Kansas are second with three victories each. Following them are Nebraska, Iowa, Oregon and Ohio State who have gone on to get their hands on the Holiday Bowl title on two occasions each.

The Holiday Bowl has cemented its reputation among the most prestigious of college football postseason games. If history is any indication then this year’s event will be another fascinating game between two really strong teams. So get ready to be a part of a special football game. It will be memorable.


Did You Know?

  • The game will now be called the National University Holiday Bowl as NU has become its new official sponsor.
  • Sixty five thousand four hundred and sixteen people attended the 2005 edition, which is a Holiday Bowl attendance record.
  • The longest Holiday Bowl game was played in 1989 between Penn State and BYU. It lasted four hours and seventeen minutes.
  • Raymond Harris holds the record for the most rushes in a single Holiday Bowl with thirty nine.
  • The game between Navy and BYU in the year 1978 lasted for only two hours and fifty minutes, making it the shortest ever encounter in Holiday Bowl history.