Bakersfield Condors Tickets

The George M. Sullivan Sports Arena located in Anchorage, Alaska is announcing to hold multiple ice hockey games that will bring forth teams namely the Bakersfield Condors and Alaska Aces. Recent games between the two teams held in 2013 brought forth more wins for Alaska Aces with score of 2-0 and 4-0. These ice hockey playoffs were held at the Sullivan Arena and brought in ice hockey fans from all over Alaska. Bakersfield Condors tickets for the upcoming games expected to be held at the same facility will surely attract supporters of all ages.


Bakersfield Condors

Team Colors

Maroon, silver, black and white

NHL Players from Condors

Connor James

Yutaka Fukufuji

Alexandre Bolduc

Justin Pogge

About Sullivan Arena

The multiple ice hockey playoffs between the Bakersfield Condors and the Alaska Aces will take place at the George M. Sullivan Sports Arena, more popularly known as the Sullivan Arena. Inaugurated in 1983, the facility broke ground in 1981 and the state of the art arena was constructed within two years time. Owned by the municipality of Anchorage, the Sullivan Arena cost approximately fifty eight million dollars to construct. Providing space for ice hockey games, boxing and wrestling matches, basketball tournaments and concerts, the arena can facilitate as much as 8,900 spectators. Currently serving as home to ECHL’s Alaska Aces, IFL’s Alaska Wild and Alaska Anchorage Seawolves, the facility has held popular showcases such as World Eskimo Indian Olympics in 2007, Great Alaska Shootout basketball games and Alaska Fighting Championship’s martial arts events. The vicinity has also invited musicians and artists such as Metallica and Taylor Swift. This time the Sullivan Arena is inviting ice hockey fans to witness two of the most well celebrated ice hockey franchises compete in what is expected to be exciting playoffs.

Introducing the Bakersfield Condors

The Bakersfield Condors will be challenging the Alaska Aces at the latter team’s home facility. Founded in 1995, Bakersfield Condors is a minor ice hockey franchise with its roots based in Bakersfield, California. Currently competing in East Coast Hockey League’s Pacific Division of the Western Conference, the Condors are known to play their home games at the Rabobank Arena, currently known as the Centennial Garden. Established as a charter team of West Coast Hockey League, the team was initially named the Bakersfield Fog. Its named was changed to the Bakersfield Condors in 1998 when the franchise relocated to the Rabobank Arena in 1998. The team became a member of the East Coast Hockey League upon the league’s formation in 2003. In 2008, the Condors became a secondary affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks, being placed after the Iowa Cops from the American Hockey League. In 2009, the Condors went onto becoming the primary affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks. It was after this that the Bakersfield Condors bagged their first division title in the 2009-10 season. After the closure of the Condors’ association with the Anaheim Ducks, the team became a primary affiliate of the Edmonton Oilers in 2013.

Season by Season Record of the Condors

Upon the formation of the Bakersfield Condors, Keith Gretzky became the team’s first coach. During his tenure with the Condors which lasted for three years, the ice hockey franchise made it to the championship playoffs twice in 1996 and then in 1997. However, the team lost in round 1 with points totaling to 71 and 49 for each of the years, respectively. From 1997 onwards, Coach Kevin MacDonald filled in the position and led the team to the playoffs for all three years that he was head coach. During his tenure the Bakersfield Condors made goal points that reached a figure of 70 for 1998 and 72 points each for 1999 and 2000. The team has maintained this goal point figure of 72 from 2003 under the leadership of coaches Marty Raymond and Matt O’Dette. The Condors made its way to the championship playoffs for all the seasons except 2012 and 2013. Under the coachman-ship of Troy Mann, the Bakersfield Condors are preparing to take down the Alaska Acers in forthcoming games.

Interesting Facts:

  • The team’s current captain is Joel Broda, a center ice hockey player from the city of Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
  • Assistant captains of the Condors are players namely left-wringer, Chris Collins and defender, Wes Cunningham.
  • The Bakersfield Condors is owned by Jonathan Fleisig with John Olver as its general manager.
  • The Bakersfield Condors has five retired numbers to date namely Paul Willett, Paul Rosebush, Glen Mears, Jamie Cooke and Steve Dowhy.
  • The Bakersfield Condors all-time high score occurred in the 2005-06 season when the team qualified for the playoffs, defeating the Long Beach Ice Dogs in a total of seven games.