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In its second year now, the Amsoil Arenacross’ “Road to Supercross” is here to thrill one and all. The season will once again provide the aspiring motorcyclists with a chance to show what they have got to offer. The series, a brainchild of none other than the great Ricky Carmichael has gathered a serious head of steam since it first came to the fore in the year 2013. The latest campaign kicked off in January 2014 and has shown more than just a glimpse of all the adrenaline pumping action that this campaign has in store for fans of the sport. It promises to be another adrenaline pumping ride from the start to finish and that is exactly how Arenacross fans want it to be.

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Amsoil Arenacross


Motorcycle Racing

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American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)

The Amsoil Arenacross’ popularity is growing at a rapid pace. What was traditionally seen as something of an amateur class race has now morphed into one of the most talked about motorcycle racing events of the year. A lot of that is down to the arrival of Ricky Carmichael. His experience and his iconic profile have lent a lot of credibility to Arenacross and the “Road to Supercross” series. The success Carmichael has enjoyed over the course of his stellar career has made him the greatest of all time when it comes to motorcycle racing. So, it is natural that when someone with that kind of pedigree speaks, people sit up and take notice. That is exactly what has happened and people have turned up in impressive numbers to buy Amsoil Arenacross tickets for the latest season. Saddle up and get ready for a ride that will keep you on the edge all the way through.

A Brief History

Arenacross is a bit of a scaled down version of Supercross, a sport that has become one of the most watched motorcycle competitions in the country. Supercross itself branched out from Motocross but has gone on to create its own identity. It is more technical in nature and involves more skill and tricks compared to Motocross. Supercross events are held in big arenas where man made tracks, full of different obstacles, are used to test every aspect of a motorcyclist’s skill to the maximum level possible.

Supercross really upped the ante in terms of catching attention of the masses in the beginning of 2000’s. Since then more and more people have turned up to catch the events live at arenas around the country while million others have watched them from home. Supercross competitions are now covered by major sports broadcasters which has played a big part in increasing its profile.

American Motorcyclists Association

A lot of success that motorcycle sports enjoy today is down to the efforts made by the AMA. Incepted way back in the year 1924 to look after motorcycling, it has done more than that. The AMA has made sure that the sport is in safe hands and have made major changes to the format over the years as well to ensure that it doesn’t get stagnant. AMA now has chartered clubs that total up to more than a whopping twelve hundred.


The success of Supercross has paved the way for Arenacross to step into the limelight. The Amsoil Arenacross provides the platform to young riders to showcase their talents. It acts as a feeder to Supercross and the winner of the “Race to the Championship” at the end is declared the best in the business. The Amsoil Arenacross is held on smaller tracks than those used in Supercross and the arenas are smaller as well. The prize on offer at the end however is an opportunity to stake the claim to become a part of the Supercross fraternity. The season is now underway and it has all the ingredients of being the biggest in Arenacross history.


Did You Know?

  • The space used for Amsoil Arenacross is around eighteen thousand square feet.
  • The AMA has a staggering three hundred motorcyclists as its members.
  • Basketball and ice hockey arenas provide the space for Arenacross events.
  • Tyler Bowers, the current champion, has won the Amsoil Arenacross three times in total.
  • If Bowers wins this year’s event then he will join the ranks of only two other riders to win four straight Arenacross championships.