2014 Wwe Royal Rumble

2014 Wwe Royal Rumble Tickets

WWE’s most popular pay-per-view event, the Royal Rumble has entertained millions since its inauguration in 1988. The celebrated professional wrestling event is held in January each year with the winner of the event receiving a World Championship match at the following WrestleMania. The upcoming 2014 WWE Royal Rumble will once again feature forty wrestlers who will battle it out in one ring for victory. The event will be held in Pittsburgh at the Consol Energy Center. The fans will be storming the wrestling arena to catch the top superstars from the professional wrestling world all in one night.

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Event: WWE Royal Rumble 2014

Type: Professional Wrestling

Venue: Consol Energy Center

The Concept

The Royal Rumble match features a number of wrestlers who enter the ring one by one according to their allotted numbers. Each wrestler enters the ring after a timed interval of either ninety seconds or two minutes. The wrestlers aim at eliminating each other by tossing one over the top rope. The elimination is monitored by referees circling around the ring. Elimination is only counted when both feet of the wrestler touch the floor. The last man standing in the ring is crowned the winner of the match and receives the opportunity to contest the ‘WWE Championship’, ‘World Heavyweight Championship’ or the ‘ECW World Championship’ title at the WrestleMania.

The Beginnings

Along with the other three pay-per-views including Summer Slam, Survivor Series and WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble is a part of the WWE’s ‘Classic Four’. The first ever Royal Rumble was held in January of 1988. The event took place in Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum and featured twenty wrestlers including One Man Gang, The Ultimate Warrior, Dino Bravo, Hillbilly Jim, Ron Bass and Bret Hart. The first ever Royal Rumble was won by Jim Duggan, who entered the ring at number thirteen. The event drew a crowd of over eighteen thousand fans and was a financial success. The first Royal Rumble was not showcased as a pay-per-view; instead it aired on the USA Network as a WWF television special.

The Upcoming Live Event

The upcoming pay-per-view event will stage the twenty-seventh annual Royal Rumble match. Apart from the 40-man Royal Rumble match, the event will feature the Golden Ananas match between Brooklyn Brawler and Daniel Bryan. A Triple Threat Match between CM Punk, John Cena and Randy Orton will also take place for the ‘Undisputed WWE Championship’ title. The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble tickets will be in huge demand this season. The Consol Energy Center will also prove to be the perfect venue to enjoy wrestling pay-per-event of this scale. So make sure to reserve your seats at the upcoming event and witness the edge of the seat battle royal with your friends and other wrestling enthusiasts live.


Did You Know

  • With three wins, Steve Austin has won the most number of Royal Rumble matches.
  • Shawn Michaels (1995) and Chris Benoit (2004) are the only two wrestlers who have won the Royal Rumble starting with the number one spot.
  • The longest Royal Rumble match was held in 2002 that went on for one hour and nine minutes.
  • The first ever wrestler to enter a Royal Rumble match was Bret Hart in 1988.
  • With fourteen entrances, Kane has appeared in the most Royal Rumbles, most recently in 2013.