2013 Texasm Aggies

2013 Texasm Aggies Tickets

The Texas A&M Aggies are among the most historic athletic NCAA Division I programs in the country. They have been representing the Texas A&M University for well over a century and during that time their various sports teams have gone on to lift some of the most prestigious prizes on offer. Just recently their football team has managed to raise a record breaking seven hundred and forty million dollars in donations. The success on the field has played a huge part in them reaching the milestone and things are expected to improve even further in the latest season.

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Athletic Program: Texas A&M Aggies

Competition Level: NCAA Division I

University: Texas A&M University

The Texas A&M Aggies are more than a century old athletic program. They represent their university with distinction in both men’s and women’s sports. Over the years, the Aggies have established a reputation for being a really good varsity sports program.  They will once again be looking to uphold those traditions and give fans, especially the ones who buy Texas A&M Aggies tickets, results and performances that justifies the money those supporters spend to watch them live. If you are an Aggies fan, then saddle up because your favorite teams are set to roll into town.


The Texas A&M Aggies play their home games at the imposing Kyle Field. The first ever Aggies football squad took to the field way back in the year 1894. Since then football has been at the forefront of the annual sporting calendar for everyone associated with them. That is not surprising after all that the football program has achieved over the years. They have produced 22 Consensus All-Americans to go with two Heisman Winners. The Aggies have also been crowned conference champions 18 times. They have clinched the national title on four occasions as well, one of those is an unclaimed championship. As far as Bowl appearances go, the Aggies have made it to 34 of those and have come out victorious 15 times.


In basketball the Texas A&M Aggies men’s and women’s teams have been crowned conference champions 12 times. They have also combined to win the Conference Tournament 6 times.


The Texas A&M Aggies have an illustrious history of baseball. The sport first reared its head way back in the year 1894. That was the start of a legacy that has resulted in the Aggies compiling a more than a decent record. They have got their hands on the regular season conference title nine times. They have also gone on to win the Conference Tournament five times. The Aggies have in total qualified for the NCAA Tournament 29 times with five of those appearances resulting in them going all the way to the College World Series.


The Aggies softball program isn’t too far behind in terms of success. The program commenced in the year 1993 and has been very successful. Their softball teams have been crowned regular season conference champions and Conference Tournament winners seven and five times respectively.

Other Sports

The Texas A&M Aggies have also won seven regular season conference titles and five Tournaments in women’s soccer. Golf has resulted in a total of sixteen men and women conference championships combined. Men’s and women’s outdoor track & field teams have been very successful too, winning a combined total of 24 conference championships and seven national titles to rank among the best in the country today.

Overall Legacy

The Texas A&M Aggies have a history to be proud of. They have accumulated a total of seventeen national titles and an even impressive 157 conference championships over the years. They are close to the top in most of these sports in the rankings as well which is a true indicator and a tribute to what they have achieved. The latest season is expected to add to the legacy so get ready for a fabulous journey.




Did You Know?

  • The Kyle Field is third on the list of the biggest football specific arenas in the country.
  • The Kyle Field is also affectionately known as the “The Home of the 12th Man.”
  • Reveille, their mascot has been associated with the team since 1931.
  • For one game every year, the Aggies football team wears maroon colored kits to celebrate “Maroon out.”
  • Their marching band stands at the top of the list as the biggest military styled band in the country.