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The NYCB Theater located at Westbury is inviting popular medium, Theresa Caputo to present a series of spiritual presentations. Popular for her mediumship practices on the TLC reality series, Long Island Medium, Caputo has been able to capture considerable attention, since her debut television appearance. The controversial medium has been actively hosting shows throughout Davenport, Cedar Park, Wichita, Washington D.C., Dallas, Houston, Roanoke, Beverley Hills, Corpus Christi, Topeka, Atlantic City, Williamsport and Rancho Mirage and is expected to return to these locations this season. As always, Theresa Caputo tickets are expected to sell fast.


Theresa Caputo


Spiritual Medium, Television reality show personality

Show type

Group readings

Touring shows

Born in Long Island, New York, Theresa claims to have started seeing spirits at the age of four. Suffering from acute anxiety during her childhood, her mother decided to take her to a spiritual healer. The spiritual teacher, Pat Longo described to Theresa about her communicating abilities. She could see and talk to spirits who had passed on to the other side. Working with Longo, Theresa started practicing mediumship and is currently a member of the Forever-Family Foundation. This organization aims to connect science with the afterlife. Practicing medium for over ten years, Theresa Caputo has dedicated her life to help people communicate with their loves ones that have left this world.

The Long Island Medium

Debuting on the TLC channel back in 2011, Long Island Medium is an American reality show that features medium, Theresa Caputo. Currently showing its fourth season, Long Island Medium features Caputo conducting group and private readings. Apart from helping the believers communicate with the deceased, Caputo also challenges skeptics into believing the art of mediumship. The reality series also follows Theresa as she goes about her daily life, dealing with her clients as well as her life. On the show, Theresa also claims to have the power to converse and communicate, not only with deceased humans but animals as well. Theresa Caputo’s current worth is over a million dollars, all of which has been gathered by her role in Long Island Medium. Produced by Magilla Entertainment the reality series have presented a total of sixty three episodes to date, with each episode having a running time of 25 minutes.

Critical Reception

Theresa Caputo’s practices have brought in mixed responses from the critics. While Gregg Goldstein from Variety Magazine has called the artist as having a vivacious personality which is her shows’ biggest selling point; publications such as Inside Edition and Wired Magazine have openly criticized her practices calling them “not true” and “charlatan”. James Randi from the James Randi Education Foundation voiced his critique by awarding Theresa the Pigasus Award, awarded in light of her ability to fool the greatest number of audiences with her show. A similar award was given to the TLC Channel by the organization. However, regardless of such criticism viewership of Long Island Medium continues to rise. Its debut season has over 1.45 million viewers. Season 2 brought in viewership of approximately 2.29 million. Season 3’s episode named “A Medium Surprise” brought in a record viewership figure with 3.52 million viewers. The trend continues as current season has recorded as much 2.20 million viewer’s up till now.

This season the popular medium, Theresa Caputo is preparing to hold a series of performances at the NYCB Theatre. Located in Westbury, New York, the entertainment complex was inaugurated back in 1956. Costing a whopping one hundred and twenty thousand dollars to construct, the venue is owned by Live National Entertainment. With a capacity that can cater to almost 2100 audiences, the facility offers an intimate environment. Over the years artists who have made their way to the venue include Chris Isaak, Jordin Sparks, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Britney Spears, Kenny Rogers, Ray Charles, N’ Sync, Bill Cosby, Jonas Brothers, The Doors, Frank Sinatra and Mike Tyson, including countless others. This time the vicinity is holding a unique show that will bring forth renowned medium, Theresa Caputo.


Interesting Information:

  • Theresa claims that the gift of communicating with spirits is common in her family and has been passed on from one generation to another.
  • Theresa’s reality show, Long Island Medium also features her husband Larry, her two teenage children Larry Jr. and Victoria, her sister Courtney and her two dogs, Louie and Petey.
  • Theresa Caputo popularity has grown so much that her waiting list surpasses three years.
  • The Theresa Caputo fan club has over 1900 devoted subscribers.
  • Theresa has also acted in several television commercials such as the commercial in which she pretends to communicate with a deceased Price line negotiator.