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Alton Brown’s dynamism, engaging commentary and unusual style of cooking set him apart from other television celebrities. Using his multiple talents, he makes his shows an enjoyable learning experience for the audiences. Launching his first national The Edible Inevitable Tour, Alton Brown is visiting multiple cities around the US with his exciting road show. Be a part of one of his shows full of crazy food experiments, music, comedy and fun.

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Alton Brown


Cookery, Live Entertainment

Popular Work:

Good Eats, Feasting on Asphalt, Feasting on Waves, Iron Chef America, The Browncast

From Cinematography to Cookery

Alton Brown loved food since childhood and learned about different kinds of homemade cuisines from his mother and grandmother. He got his formal education in drama and graduated from the University of Georgia in the late 80s. Beginning his career in cinematography and video production, he worked for different television and independent music projects for almost a decade. As a cinematographer, his work includes popular music videos like The one I Love by the rock band, R.E.M.

Disoriented from his career, he began his formal training in culinary to nurture his enthusiasm for food. Studying at the New England Culinary Institute, he enhanced his understanding about the science and art of cooking. Brown graduated in 1997 and was ready to mark a breakthrough in the American cooking shows with his innovative ideas.

Good Eats and Career Peak

Combining his knowledge about cooking with his love for food, Alton Brown pitched the idea of his unique cooking show, Good Eats. The show was picked by the Food Network and began its regular broadcasting in July 1999. Entertaining millions of viewers, the show gained high ratings and also received a warm critical reception. In 2000, the show was nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award for the Best T.V. Food Journalism. With its 14 different seasons, the show entertained the fans for more than a decade until its finale in 2012. During the time, Alton Brown established his strong reputation with his own as well as a number of other acclaimed shows.

Besides hosting his own show, Brown worked for the American adaption of the popular Japanese show, Iron Chef. Iron Chef America premiered at the Food Network in 2005. Created and presented by Brown, the show became extremely popular among the viewers and spawned a spin-off show, The Next Iron Chef. So far, it has completed its eleven hit seasons. In addition to these shows, various commercials and endorsements made Alton Brown one of the most famous television hosts and celebrities.

Side Works and other Ventures

Besides his self-created shows, Alton Brown undertook a number of other successful projects. Using his expertise in the field, Brown wrote multiple acclaimed books on cookery that earned him an amazing response from the readers and critics alike. He has published ten successful books which are considered a great professional achievement.

Alton Brown’s third cooking show series; Feasting on Asphalt began its broadcasting in 2006. The interesting format of the show included Brown’s credits as the writer, director and host of the show which were equally hailed. The third season of the show premiered under the title of Feasting on Waves and turned out to be equally successful. Among others, Brown has appeared on different shows as a guest and judge. He also worked as one of the mentors on the show, The Next Food Network Star.

Alton Brown Live

Coming on the road with his informative and interesting live shows, Alton Brown will be headlining his first ever nationwide The Edible Inevitable Tour. Filled with multimedia-supported talks, cooking demos, stand-up routines and live music, his show brings about an innovative addition in the travelling cooking shows. Alton Brown tickets are selling fast as fans are excited to see him hitting the road. With more than 40 cities included in the tour schedule, Brown might be dropping at your city. Look out for his schedule to attend his entertaining live show at your nearest venue.


Did You Know…

  • Alton John won two James Beard Foundation Awards for his work on the show, Good Eats.
  • Good Eats was awarded with a Peabody Award in 2004.
  • Brown is a motorcycling enthusiast and also a trained pilot.
  • In 2004, he was named “Cooking Teacher of the Year” by the Bon Appétit Magazine.
  • In 2005, Atlanta Magazine named him the “Best Food Guru”.