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ZZ Top has been ruling over the hearts of rock lovers for more than three decades now. The latest from the band is a 10-disc archival release which is an amalgamation of some of their finest works spanning over two decades in one collection. This act in itself is reflective by the band, going down memory lane and compiling a series of memories for the fans. Billy Gibbons, the leading star of the band, while commenting on this deluxe set of CDs stated: “We were three guys, we had three chords and the future was wide open.” This actually sums up their journey to stardom and explains their ideology of progressing forward relying on their creativity.

Band: ZZ Top

Popular Songs:

La Grange

Sharp Dressed Man

Gimme All Your Lovin

Pearl Necklace

Major Honor:

Induction into Hollywood's Rock-Walk and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Three men from Texas, bluesmen to be absolutely precise, have claimed international success in the field of rock music as ZZ Top. Billy Gibbons is the guitar player and lead vocalist in the band, Dusty Hill is the bassist and co-lead vocalist, and Frank Beard serves as the drummer for the group. The band has to its credit four gold, three platinum, and two multi-platinum albums - and if you think it couldn’t get any better than this, then you might be mistaken as the band has one diamond album too. In addition, the band has six number one singles on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart which is incredible for any band.

Formation and Early Success:

ZZ Top is a leading American blues rock band which originated in 1969 in state of Texas. The band underwent various changes in the year of 1969. Some of these included Hill replacing the former bassist Billy Etheridge in early 1970.

ZZ Top’s debut album established them as the band with robust blues origins. The band relies deeply on the technique of tongue in cheek, double entendres and subtle innuendos. Their musical style has evolved over the years; progressing from blues-inspired rock to punk rock, new wave and dance-rock, with hefty useof synthesizers.

Notable Work:

Their renowned album, “Tres Hombres” was noted as the album that "brought ZZ Top their first Top Ten record, making them stars in the process" by Dan Erlewine. The subsequent tour following the release of this album sold out its tickets in advance. The number, "Tush" ranked among the top twenty on the Billboard Hot 100.

The band ranks on number eighty overall for the U.S. album sales, with a sale of more than twenty-five million units. The album, “Eliminator,” which is their most successful album till date, sold over ten million units alone. Their next album, “Afterburner” proved to be their highest-charting album and so it was another step up the ladder of fame.

Awards and Honors:

ZZ Top's videos have won several MTV Music Awards and the videos of “Rough Boy”, "Legs," "Sharp Dressed Man" have also won the VMAs. Not only have they been welcomed into the Hall of Fame but also the Texas House of Representatives declared ZZ Top as the Official Heroes for the State of Texas, which is a great honor and acknowledgment of the fame they have brought to their hometown. Ann Richards, the governor of the state in 1991 also announced a declaration of ZZ Top Day in Texas on May fourth.

ZZ Top Live:

Their live performances are enigmatic and studded with enthusiasm. You can now be a part of their current tour which has already bagged positive reviews from various ends and energize your souls with the splendor of robust flavors of hard rock and the rhythm of blues. Book your ZZ top tickets before they run out of stock.



Five Reasons to attend ZZ Top concert:

  1. In 2004, the band got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  2. ZZ Top has been inducted into Hollywood's Rock-Walk in the year, 1994.
  3. The band’s music videos bagged a spree of awards throughout 80s, claiming one time in each of the categories including; Best Direction, Best Group Video and Best Art Direction.
  4. Jimi Hendrix attributed to the leading vocalist Gibbons, the title of One of America's best young guitarists at The Tonight Show.
  5. They performed for the President, George W. Bush a few days prior to his inauguration back in in 2001. Later when he proclaimed the office of Governor of Texas, Bush declared the date, ‘May 15th, 1997’ as the "ZZ Top Day."