Yes Tickets

Known for their feisty style, artistic song-crafting and sophisticated lyrical themes, Yes is listed among the pioneers of the progressive rock music. A highly revered name; Yes has been in the business since 45 years now. The band has won hearts of its listeners by its charismatic appeal and harmony between the members. Continuing with its long touring history, Yes will be hitting various venues as part of its recent World Tour 2013. Enjoy three of their most celebrated albums The Yes Album, Close to the Edge and Going for the One during their concert in your town.



Hit Songs:

Owner of a lonely Heart, Love Will Find a Way, The Calling, Cinema, We Can Fly


Progressive, Symphonic and Art Rock

Yes, the Band

The newest lineup of the band consists of Chris Squire as the bassist, Steve Howe on guitar, Alan White the drummer, Geoff Dowens on keyboards and Jon Davison on vocals. With the year 2013 underway, the band is back on the road as it will be performing in many cities in North America and Europe. Including three of the band's most popular records, the tour will set the stage for their signature live performances. The fantastic five is ready to rock the show with their greatest hits.

A Historic Journey

The incredible music journey of the band started in 1969 with the release of their first self-titled album. The band rose to prominence after launching their third studio record The Yes Album in 1971. The album hit the charts and was eventually certified as Platinum. The next two albums Fragile (1971) and Close to the Edge (1972) reached number four and three respectively on Billboard 200 charts. The following album Tales from Topographic Oceans topped the UK Albums chart and stood six on Billboard 200.

Throughout 1980s, Yes produced successful music records such as Going for the One, Tormato, Drama, 90125 and Big Generator. During 1990s, the band slowed down a bit in terms of sales due to the rising popularity of psychedelic and other metallic bands. But with the start of the new century, Yes revived itself and released famous records such as Open Your Eyes and The Ladder.

The band toured extensively and worked on a number of new projects. Yes once again became one of the most sought after rock bands and Yes tickets sold like hot cakes. Their latest album Fly From Here came out in 2011 and the band appeared on the contemporary music scene as an active member.

Yes, the Live Experience

With Jon Davison as the newest lead vocalist, the band is packed with new energy and zest. With the official announcement of their latest world tour, Yes has created a new wave among their fans. The high-flying themes of their live shows and artistic touch of their concerts create a different atmosphere for the attendees. Experience the magic of their vintage hits, high music spirit and dynamic live performances while the band brings one of its live shows to your town.


Did You Know…

  1. The band's guitarist Steve Howe introduced pedal-steel guitar to progressive rock.
  2. During their 1976 tour, the band's performance at John F. Kennedy Stadium was witnessed by more than 100,000 attendees.
  3. In 1980, Yes received a memorial certificate after setting a record of sixteen sold out shows in a row at the Madison Square Garden.
  4. The band won a Golden Ticket Award for grossing over a million during their 1978-1979 tour.
  5. Chris Squire is the only founding member who has appeared in every record produced by the band.