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Trans-Siberian Orchestra, also known as TSO, is planning to celebrate its fifteen years of touring with a final and encore performance of the smash-hit ‘The Lost Christmas Eve’. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales for the celebration performances will be donated to Centre County Youth Service Bureau. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets are already up for sale and are selling out very fast. With more than 1,500 shows in its repertoire and performances for more than ten million audiences, the soaring demand for the tickets comes hardly as a surprise.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra


Rock Opera

Progressive/Symphonic rock

Classical and Neo-Classical metal

Popular Albums:

Christmas Eve and Other Stories

Beethoven’s Last Night

Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets have more than one reason to sell hot. An extraordinary ensemble with orchestral Christmas metal as their specialty, the incredibly popular orchestra has a repertoire of wildly engaging music that never fails to surprise and enthrall the audiences. TSO fans have the final couple of weeks to witness one of the most incredible shows ever produced by the ensemble. The orchestra intends to finally take ‘The Lost Christmas Eve" off in November. Other performances and albums by the ensemble however will continue to captivate audiences.

About Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a progressive rock band, formed in 1993 by the composer, lyricist and producer Paul O’Neill. A sixty piece orchestra was assembled along with a chorus to produce completely distinctive form of music. The unique ability of the band members to harmonize completely different music styles allows them to create distinguished music. Incorporating orchestral, symphonic, classical and progressive music routines into heavy metal and hard rock, TSO truly produces some wonderful music beats that prove infectious for the fans.

In 1996 Trans-Siberian Orchestra released their debut album ‘Christmas Eve and Other Stories’, followed by ‘The Christmas Attic Stories’ in 1988. The kick start for the band came in 1999 with their tour after the completion of their first non-seasonal recording and third rock opera, "Beethoven’s Last Night". There was a small gap in any major release by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, however they continued their performances and fans stayed hooked. 2004 saw the group return with "Lost Christmas Eve’ and another five year long gap followed. In 2009, the orchestra released a two-disc album, ‘Night Castle’. Their latest release is ‘Tales of Winter’ released in 2013, which is precisely a compilation album featuring songs from all six of the bands’ previous operas.

What to Expect?

There are a couple of albums and projects that the band has announced as their future releases. Fans are excited and they are already buying the available Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets hastily so that they can be the first to experience new material by their favorite band. One of the most anticipated works is their upcoming album titled ‘Romanov: When Kings Must Whisper’. Based on a novel written in 1917, the album was initially supposed to be the band’s debut release. Such news about this new release has obviously increased the public demand for the album, even before it hit the market.

Two other upcoming productions are ‘The New York City Blues Express’ and ‘Gutter Ballet’. A new theatre production ‘Letters from the Labyrinth’ is also in schedule as well as a musical ‘Running in the Passion of the Fairytale Moon’. The usual genres in which Trans-Siberian Orchestra conducts are symphonic rock, classical, neo-classical metal and progressive rock. Hence these new releases are also expected to be along similar lines; however as with all the previous releases, these are expected to be unique in every way.

Beyond Music

Trans-Siberian Orchestra has donated more than ten million dollars to a number of local and national charity organizations. Since the band has started touring, it has made a habit of donating at least some portion of revenue generated from every ticket sold; normally the contributions go to a charity in the same city where the performance is held. Although the band has made donations to several forms of charities, their main focus is on those that are geared towards protection and help for children. In a nutshell, Trans-Siberian Orchestra has everything that a music fan can ask for. Incredible music, amazing performances, a philanthropic commitment and continuous experimentation and innovation; with all these attributes it comes as no surprise that fans go crazy over buying Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets whenever there is a performance scheduled by the band.


More about the TSO…

  1. Considering the band’s donation policies out of ticket revenues, a single day in New Jersey I-zod arena generated 400,000 dollars for local charities.
  2. TSO concerts are renowned for their elaborate and spectacular concerts, with elaborate string sections and extensive light shows.
  3. Billboard Magazine and Pollstar have stated the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to be among the top ten ticket-selling bands of the 2000s.
  4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s live performances also involve moving trusses, video screens and special effects synchronized with the music.
  5. TSO is the first rock band that has made it to music arenas and theatre without being an opening act for another band or a performance in a club.