Toby Keith Tickets

Award winning country musician, Toby Keith has announced has Hammer Down Tour that will kick start in Australia come March, with later performances taking place in the US. The artist recently released his 17th album in 2013, titled “Drinks After Work” and the tour will be featuring popular numbers from the record. From his first number one single, “Should've Been A Cowboy” to his latest release, Keith has established himself as the most persistent, self-directed hit composer and songwriter of his era. Having sold as many as 38 million units till now, Toby Keith has made it to Billboard’s Top 200 list of the Artists of the Decade.


Toby Keith


4 American Music Awards, 7 Academy of Country Awards, 2 Country Music Association Awards

Hit Songs:

How Do You Like Me Now, Drinks After Work, Beer for My Horses, Who’s You Daddy

Inborn Talent & a Stellar Start

Toby Keith’s talent for music was inborn as the artist spent his early childhood in his grandmother’s bar, listening to the music of various artists. Despite being inspired by different genres, it was country music and specifically Merle Haggard’s music that left an impact on him. Like many others, Keith also considers Haggard a legend who’s not only a phenomenal singer but also a great writer. Toby Keith started playing the guitar at the age of eight and besides working in oil fields and at rodeo in his hometown in Oklahoma, he also formed his own band called Easy Money.

Like all aspiring country musicians, to make it big, Toby Keith also moved to Nashville. With the release of his hit debut single, Should've Been a Cowboy, Keith made his mark on the country music scene with the conviction of a seasoned veteran. His passion for music and continuous efforts to evolve placed him among the rising stars of the 90s. Instant stardom and success didn’t affect the star as he continued to produce music with conviction, handling praise with grace and aplomb.

Popular Albums

Following a wonderful debut, Toby Keith released one hit album after the other. His seventh album “Unleashed”, released in 2002, was a Multi-Platinum hit and topped the Billboard Country charts. The record earned him his first American Music Award and produced hits like “Beer for My Horses”, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)”, “Rock You Baby” and “Who’s Your Daddy”.

The 2003 album, “Shock'n Y'all” once again brought a lot of acclaim for the artist. Toby Keith ended up winning his second American Music Award, along with the number one ranking on the US Billboard 200. It featured hit singles like “American Soldier”, “I Love This Bar” and “Whiskey Girl”. With all his releases, Toby Keith not only established himself as an astounding singer but also a versatile songwriter. Keith has melted many hearts with his mature baritone as it presents a beautiful blend of subtlety and power.

Every year Toby Keith treats his fans with a brand new album, each making it to the Country Music charts and earning the artist great acclaim. His 2013 release “Drinks After Work” clinched third spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums. Keith penned most of the lyrics for the songs and was once again lauded for his mastery with words.

Hammer Down Tour

Entertainer of the Year, Toby Keith will be performing live in many Australian cities before rocking the arenas in the US. Fans of the star are excited about the upcoming concerts and have started buying Toby Keith tickets in advance. Considered a ‘hit machine’ by his followers, Keith is a crowd pleaser and his live shows are full of energy. The moment he opens his concerts, the audience comes to their feet, singing and moving along his melodies. Toby Keith immediately sets the mood and treats the audience to a fun-filled night.


Did You Know…

  • Toby Keith enjoys eating Mexican food and his favorite candy is Snickers.
  • He supports the football team Pittsburgh Steelers and in baseball is a fan of LA Dodgers.
  • Keith’s nickname is Big Dawg.
  • In his spare time he enjoys fishing, hunting, cooking and golfing.
  • He has a rule for writing ballads – always write something that a guy would never say out loud to a woman.