Terry Fator Tickets

Terry Fator’s highly innovative impressions and comedy routines set him apart from the rest of the stand-up performers in the industry. His live shows wonderfully combine live singing, music and puppetry that are enjoyed by the entertainment lovers of different ages and tastes. His regular shows at The Mirage, Las Vegas make him one of the most prominent entertainers on the entire Vegas Strip. Apart from his resident shows, Terry visits different cities around the US for his live acts. Be a part of one of his shows to enjoy his hilarious mimicry and other laughter inducing acts.

Artist: Terry Fator

Genre: Comedy, Ventriloquism

Residency: The Mirage, Las Vegas

Humble Beginnings


Terry Fator’s indulgence with ventriloquism goes back to the time when he was in fifth grade. After reading a book on the art, he bought his very first puppet and performed at a local church gathering. He won a prize of $25 and began to amuse his family and friends with his talent. Before taking it as a serious vocation, Terry became the lead singer with the music groups like Freedom Jam and Texas the Band. After having some fame with the bands, he started to take his moderately successful shows to different venues in the States.


The Turning Point and Career Peak


After 2001, Terry Fator planned to combine his great singing and impersonating skills with puppetry to revamp his acts. He also opened for many musicians including Reba McEntire, Styx, Neal McCoy and Garth Brooks. In 2007, Terry’s life and career took a new turn when he appeared as a contestant on the reality television show, America’s Got Talent. Impressing the judges and audiences alike, Terry won the show. After winning the show, he performed at some of the leading venues of the country and also gave a tribute performance to the legendary singer, Larry Norman at his 60th birthday celebration.


A variety of performances on the television coupled with his series of live shows at the Las Vegas Hilton made him famous. Initial sold out shows at the Hilton made the Terry Fator tickets sell faster and the original run was extended to satisfy the excessive demand of his shows. With a number of new shows and television roles, Terry developed a strong reputation in the US.


Residency at The Mirage


In 2008, Terry signed a $100 million contract with The Mirage, Las Vegas for his regular shows at their theater. This marked a major breakthrough in his professional career and he became one of the highly revered names in live entertainment. The Mirage Hotel and Casino Resort is among the top venues in Las Vegas. His contract with the venue has been recently renewed and was extended till 2016 which is very rare to happen for any Vegas headliner. In addition to his touring and resident shows, Terry also made notable appearances on the television in different shows and performed as a guest on America’s Got Talent twice.


Terry Fator Live!


Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment, his nightly show at The Mirage and his other touring shows feature his appealing puppets and other comical acts. For his highly imaginative ventriloquism, he uses his special characters like Winston – the impersonating turtle, Monty Carlo – the lounge singer and Emma Taylor – the little girl. Terry’s incredible singing mixed with his impressions of different celebrities like Garth Brooks, Dean Martin, Lady Gaga and many others make his shows a great live experience for the attendees. This season, Terry has lined up many shows in different cities of the US besides his nightly shows at The Mirage. Attend one of his shows for some awesome entertainment.

Did You Know…

  • The headlining venue at The Mirage was given the name as Terry Fator Theatre after his residency.
  • Terry has also written a book titled Who’s the Dummy Now?.
  • In April 2013, he won four Best of Las Vegas Awards.
  • Terry has been called one of the two most talented people on the planet by Simon Cowell.
  • He celebrated his 1000th nightly show at The Mirage Las Vegas in May 2013.