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After the successful release of its ‘House of Gold & Bones Parts 1 & 2’, the American rock band Stone Sour is embarking on a journey across the United States, starting January 21st. More than ten dates in different cities, which include three House of Blues venues have already been announced. The Stone Sour tickets are in great demand for the upcoming concerts. On this tour, the rock band will be joined by two other names of the rock world industry; Stolen Babies, who is going to open their concerts and Pop Evil who is going to conclude them.

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Stone Sour


US Tour 2014

Hit Songs:

Through Glass, Say You’ll Haunt Me, Bother

Formation and Disbanding

Stone Sour was formed in 1992 by Corey Taylor. He was joined by Shawn Economaki, his long time friend. In its initial years when the band had no proper direction, two of their demo tapes were recorded. A few years after the formation, Jim Root joined in as well and this is when the band was finally complete. This was followed by recording of yet another demo tape, which didn’t do them much good at that time. Eventually in 1997, the band decided to go on a hiatus. Meanwhile, Root and Taylor both joined the band Slipknot from Des Moines.

Reunion to Come What(ever) May

In 2002, Stone Sour came together again, this time Josh Rand joined in as well and they started working on their album. The self titled record came out later that year and reached Billboard 200 chart at number 46. The song Bother from the album made it to Mainstream Rock Chart at number two and was also featured in the soundtrack of Spider Man. Inhale from the same album made it to number eighteen and earned the band Grammy nomination. The album ended up earning Gold certification and the band continued to tour in its support.

Stone Sour went on another short hiatus after the success of their debut album. In 2006, they were back to the studios, recording new material for the upcoming album. “Come What (ever) May” was released in August and sold more than 80,000 copies within the first week alone. This allowed it to peak at number four on the Billboard 200. For a year and a half that followed, the band toured across the world and also released their first live album, “Live in Moscow”. 

House of Gold & Bones Parts 1 & 2

Early in 2012, Stone Sour announced that they are going to start working on their fourth studio album, which was described as “Dirt” of Alice in Chains meeting “The Wall” of Pink Floyd. In October of the same year, “House of Gold & Bones Part 1” hit the market. Its sequel, “House of Gold & Bones Part 2” was released a year later, in April of 2013. This was also followed by the issue of a four part comic book series. Both parts of the record received critical acclaim.

Stolen Babies & Pop Evil

On Stone Sour’s upcoming tour, two bands will be joining them. Stolen Babies will open their concerts. The experimental band was formed in 2004 and has released four studio albums till day. Their latest album, “Naught” came out in 2012 and was critically acclaimed.  The band has made several live appearances, including in the Epic Kings & Idols Tour and now will be joining Stone Sour. Pop Evil is a rock band from Michigan, formed in 2001. Their discography comprises of three albums, latest being “Onyx” which was released in 2013. The band has experimented with their music a lot in the past and continues to perform live as well as record new music. In 2013, they received the Rock Radio Award in the category of “Song of the Year” for their single, Trenches.


Did You Know

  • The band gets its name from a cocktail that is made up of whisky and orange juice.
  • Corey wrote the song “Bother” in the car, driving back home.
  • Corey mentioned in an interview that his song “Through Glass” is written against the shows like American Idol.
  • Corey is also an accomplished writer and recently released his book “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven”.
  • Corey gets his inspiration from Stephen King and Hunter S. Thompson.