Santana Tickets

Carlos Santana’s music presents a riveting mix of infectious Mexican beats and raucous rock. His melodious voice coupled with catchy guitar riffs make his songs enjoyable for a wide range of listeners. The universal appeal of his music has helped introduce Mexican and Latin tunes to the world. Santana has carved his place in the industry with a prolific career of almost five decades. A musician at his core, Santana is playing his greatest hits live during his current tour. Feel the passion flowing onto the stage while he performs in front of you.

Artist: Carlos Santana

Awards: 10 Grammys, 2 Amigo Award, Billboard Century Award, American Music Award

Hit Songs: Blues for Salvador, Smooth, Maria Maria, Put Your Lights On, El Farol

Early Years

Heavily influenced by Latin music, Santana learned violin and guitar when he was eight. After 1965, he took up music as a full-time vocation. He witnessed the hippie moment that spurred up in the 60s in San Francisco and performed as part of an impromptu band for the famous musician, Paul Butterfield. In the same year he formed the rock band after his surname while collaborating with fellow musicians Gregg Rolie and David Brown.

The band blended their native tunes and African rhythms with the elements from rock, jazz and salsa to create an ingenious sound. The group hit the clubs and became popular in the local music scene. Their performance at the 1969 Woodstock Music and Art Festival got them raving response from the audiences and they landed a record deal with the Columbia Records. In the same year, they released their first self-titled record that peaked at four on the Billboard charts and spawned the top ten single, Evil Ways.  

Peak of Success

The band released their second album Abraxas in 1970 that topped the Billboard chart and turned out to be an international success. It went Multi-Platinum in the US and Canada. The next album, Santana III, was launched in 1971 with some lineup changes. It clinched the top position on the music charts and was certified as Double-Platinum. The following records Caravanserai, Welcome and Borboletta hit the foreign charts and earned the group commercial success and critical praise.

Santana embarked on a solo career with the release of his 1973 album, Love Devotion Surrender. Besides fronting the band, he also directed his solo career to the heights of success. A streak of successful records were released in the following years which established Santana and his band as a groundbreaking musical force. The amazing 70s’ decade came to a close with their Gold album Marathon.

80s and Career Revival

Santana kept on releasing solo as well as band albums in the 80s. Towards the end of the decade, their career experienced a downfall and album sales also declined but this didn’t affect either of the members. After releasing Milagro in 1992, the band became inactive. Santana came up with a solo album in 1994 that was a moderate success. 1999 marked a radical shift in the band’s sound as well as in their recording career. Supernatural topped all the international music charts and went Multi-Platinum in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

A variety of live concerts in the States and abroad made the band one of the most popular headlining acts of the year. Santana tickets sales hit the roof and attracted thousands of fans to their shows. The subsequent album Shaman also received widespread acclaim for its fresh sound and was eventually certified as Double Platinum in the US. The following albums, All That I am and Guitar Heaven maintained the past success record of the band.

Current Happenings

Santana’s latest album Shape Shifter came out in May 2012 and reached at sixteen on the Billboard 200 chart. Most of the album’s songs are instrumental pieces that he produced while collaborating with other musicians. Currently on his 2013 tour, Santana is performing at the House of Blues, Las Vegas and this run is expected to last till February 2014. Experience the versatility of Santana’s music and enjoy his heartwarming live performances.

Did You Know…

  1. Santana’s album Abraxas was inducted into Grammy Hall of Fame in 1999.
  2. His album Supernatural holds the Guinness Record for bestselling album of all time by a Latin artist.
  3. Santana also holds the record of most Grammys won in a single year.
  4. He has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  5. He ranked at 15th on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”.