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A Canadian native of Indian descent, Russell Peters is definitely one of the most popular stand-up comedians of today. In the U.S., currently, he is the third highest earning comedian according to the latest Forbes' annual list. His popularity comes from large, multicultural audiences mainly because of his signature ability to connect with them when he brings forth the fun aspect of the cultural stereotypes. He imitates various accents perfectly. Russell does not really tell jokes on stage; it is merely the explanation he presents regarding his observations about people that set the crowds roaring with laughter.


Russell Dominican Peters

Signature Style

Comical observation of different cultures and races

Imitation of several accents

Popular Albums


Red, White and Brown

The incredible stand-up comedian, Russell Peters is known for his hilarious comic routines on different cultures and races. This allows him to instantly build a connection with his audience, which include people from different ethnicities. His humor, quick wit and incredible ability to imitate several accents create laughter spells on the spectators. The internationally acclaimed comedian has also been nominated four times for the prestigious Canadian Gemini Award.
The Beginning
Born in Toronto, Ontario and brought up in Brampton, Ontario, Russell Dominic Peters belongs to Anglo-Indian origin. Russell takes pride in being a Canadian native and having an Indian descent. His name is nothing like any Indian name, and it  amuses Russell when people refuse to believe that ‘Russell Peters' is his actual name.
Russell attended Chinguacousy Secondary School and then North Peel Secondary School. During his school life he was often bullied because of his ethnicity, which made him learn boxing to counteract bullying. In his youth, the funnyman has also been a hip-hop junkie as well as a DJ in Toronto arenas.
The Shows by the Comedian…
Russell Peters is the first comedian to have given a sold out show at Toronto's Air Canada Centre. He sold more than 30,000 tickets nationally for a single show, with selling above 16,000 tickets in the first two days only. In May 2010, Russell performed in front of the largest audience Australia had ever seen in a stand-up comedy show, with 13,880 people listening to the hilarious comedian. His UK and Singapore tours also share a similar story of huge turnout of people for Russell Peters' live performance. Russell Peters tickets are sold out as soon as they are up for sale.
Russell Peters has been performing since 1989. He has appeared in shows in United Kingdom, United States, Afghanistan, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman and many more. Russell hosted the Canada Day Comedy Festival of 2006. He has also hosted the Juno Awards ceremony in 2008. Russell's presence added so much more to the show that it got the second highest ratings ever in its history.
Outsourced, Red, White and Brown and The Green Card Tour
The remarkable funnyman released his debut stand-up comedy album, titled “Outsourced”, which was recorded at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, in 2006. It aired on Comedy Central and also released on CD and DVD. The album received certified eleven times platinum status.
The second album released by the amazing star is called “Red, White and Brown”. Recorded at WAMU Theatre in Madison Square Garden in 2008, this album also marks a milestone in the success story of Russell's comedy career. Same as its predecessor, this album also aired on Comedy Central and released on CD/DVD. Red, White and Brown reached no. 3 on Canadian Albums Chart.
Recorded in front of thirty thousand fans over a span of two nights, at the O2 Arena in London, England, is the third album of the incredible comedy star, titled “The Green Card Tour: Live from the O2 Arena”, released in May 2011. In this album he is continues with his hilarious observations regarding white populations and Arabs, describing the stereotypes in his own fashion. This album features Russell's record-breaking, sold-out twentieth anniversary tour of 2009. Russell Peters has been in the comedy arenas for more than two decades now, and he is still going strong.

Interesting Things to Know

  1. Russell Peters has more than sixty million views on Youtube.
  2. He sold out tickets for Radio City Music Hall in just seventy-two hours.
  3. Russell's 20th Anniversary Tour was attended by more than 175,000 fans.
  4. 2012 tour by Russell Peters was named “Notorious”.
  5. Russell is a Catholic but not a big fan of organized religions.