Roger Daltrey Tickets

Guess who is going to replace the legendary late Ray Manzarek in the upcoming OC Fair concert at Pacific Amphitheatre? It is going to be another legend – Roger Daltrey. Manzarek passed away in May earlier this year; his charity concert at OC Fair to benefit Teen Cancer American will be taking place as scheduled. Daltrey is going to take his place on the stage on the 10th of August. In order to attend, get some Roger Daltrey tickets now.

Name: Roger Daltrey
Hit Singles: My Generation, Baby O'Riley
Awards: Induction in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, induction in the UK Music Hall of Fame, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
Roger Daltrey is famous for being the vocalist of the band The Who for a long time. Famous for his “rough-and-ready” voice, Daltrey has been known for being behind famous songs like My Generation and Baby O'Riley. Last time Daltrey visited Costa Mesa was when he was attending Tommy The Rock Opera. This summer as he is returning as a solo performer, he is bringing a number of his personal as well as The Who classics with him. He performed as a part of The Who's revival of Quadrophenia earlier this year which was a huge success.
Years with The Who
The Who was formed in the 60s. The band was founded when Daltrey was still working as a sheet metal worker. He would work during the day and perform at gigs during the evening. Soon he invited his classmates to join him and form a band. They released their first single I'm The Face/Zoot Suit, which wasn't a big success. The second single they released Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere which was a collaboration between Peter Townshend and Daltrey. During these years, he only wrote only two more songs for the album, the rest were written by Townshend. Soon Townshend's powerful lyrics along with Daltrey's angry and powerful vocals started to gain a bigger fan base.
The Who started to be known for their highly energetic live performances. Daltrey's spinning of the microphone became his “signature move”. The breakthrough single by the band My Generation was released during these years and it became a sort of a revolutionary song for the youth of 60s. The band still continues to perform together occasionally. In 2010, Daltrey and Townshend performed in the half time of Super Bowl XLIV.
Solo Career
As a solo artist, Roger Daltrey has released eight studio albums. The first self titled album came out in 1973. It was recorded when The Who went on a short hiatus. The album featured the hit single Giving It All Away, which made it to number five position at UK charts. Two years later, Daltrey released his second studio album titled Ride a Rock Horse. It is till day, his second most successful album.
Eventually, as his social circle as a solo artist started to increase, he started collaborating with several other artists, for instance Paul McCartney contributed a song titled Giddy for One of the album. Apart from that, Daltrey has also toured with a number of other bands and organizations such as British Rock Symphony. His tours have included a number of charity concerts as well. Daltrey's last studio album came out in 1992 under the title ‘Rock in the Head'. He continues to tour and appears in festivals across the globe as well.

Stuff You Never Knew About The Who:

·         The Who introduced the very first successful rock opera “Tommy” in 1969.

·         In 1965, Daltrey was removed from the band for hitting a band member. He apologized and joined the band again later.

·         The Who was inducted into Guinness Book of World Records for being the “Loudest Band”.

·         Before being titled “The Who”, the band was named The Detours and High Numbers.

·         They played Woodstock and later called it as the worst festival experience ever.