Reo Speedwagon Tickets

REO Speedwagon’s arena style of rock, dynamism and passionate musicianship holds them onto the expectations of the rock lovers. Core rock elements along with their inventive approach of song crafting result in their sonically sound records. Extending their remarkable career of over four decades of relentless touring, the group is entertaining their buffs by headlining their shows around the US. Be a part of one of REO’s concerts to groove and sing along to their classic numbers.


REO Speedwagon



Hit Songs:

Keep on Loving You, Take It on the Run, Don’t Let Hin Go, Can’t Fight This Feeling, Keep the Fire Burnin’

Beginning and Early Stints of Success

The formation of REO Speedwagon took place when some high school friends got together to form a band. The initial lineup of the band consisted of Neal Doughty, Alan Gratzer, Joe Matt and Mike Blair. During their early jamming session, the band prepared some cover songs which they performed at different local gigs, fraternity gatherings and college events. REO gained a devoted fan base by touring around the Midwest. Their growing popularity through continuous performing captured the attention of different record labels and eventually they were signed by the Epic Records.

With a lineup change, the group included the songwriter and guitarist, Gary Richrath and began working on their debut album. Gary’s talents helped in refining the sound of the band as well as provided material for their original songs. REO’s first self-titled record was released in 1971. Their 1972 album, R.E.O/T.W.O didn’t chart but it received a Gold certification in the US. The following album, Ridin’ the Storm Out came out in 1973 and went Platinum. Till 1976, the band released three successful records and performed to large crowds during their live shows. You Can Tune a Piano but You Can’t Tune Fish hit the shelves in 1978 and became their first top thirty record on the Billboard 200. With reasonable volume of sales, it became a certified double-Platinum record.

Career Peak

The start of the 80s marked the golden period for REO in terms of their record success and live performances. Their ninth studio album, Hi Infidelity was released in 1980 and it spawned four hits singles. The record became their first Billboard 200 chart topper and it also hit several international music charts. With millions of copies sold, it received multi-platinum certifications in the US and Canada.

The next two albums, Good Trouble (1982) and Wheels are Turnin’ (1984) also charted in different countries and turned out to be Platinum records. The band performed at leading venues of the country along with other music groups such as The Beach Boys. REO Speedwagon tickets sales hit the roof and the band maintained their status as one of the vital mainstream performers through consistent touring.

Waning Popularity and Revival

The start of the new decades brought some lineup changes for REO and their commercial fame began to fade. The issue was fueled by the bankruptcy of the record label under which they released their material. Throughout the 90s, the band only released two full length studio albums. This called for a change in their market strategy so the band rereleased some of their classic hits with new artwork and design. The trick worked and their career began to boost. A series of revamped compilation albums restored their name on the music charts and they started their tours.

Recent Feats and Ventures

In 2007, REO Speedwagon released a studio record, Find Your Own Way Home. A number of shows along with some new material helped the band to maintain their distinctive spot on the live music scene. The band came up with a Christmas album in 2009 which added variety to their repertoire. With a number of hit and genre-defining records to their credit, the band is undeniably one of the greatest live music acts. Due to their love for performing and commitment to music, their career carries on without a hitch and they keep on amusing their fans from around the world.

Continuing their history of nonstop performing, REO Speedwagon has scheduled a string of new concerts throughout the US. The unforgettable hits crooned by the band during their concert will have you banging your head throughout the evening. Attend one of their shows at your nearest venue to enjoy their power-packed live performances.


Did You Know…

  • Over ten million units sold of Hi Infidelity made it the group’s bestselling album to date.
  • The band has sold more than forty million records worldwide.  
  • REO Speedwagon took its name from a fire engine.
  • One of the streets in Champaign, Illinois is called REO Speedwagon Way.
  • The band set a record at Rolling Stone’s International Amphitheatre by selling 50,000 tickets in four hours.