Mumford And Sons Tickets

Enticing instrumentation, rich poeticism and harmonized vocals best define the folk rock quartet, Mumford & Sons. Over a brief course of their music career, the band has earned international fame and success. Limitless zeal and matchless chemistry serve as a binding force for the band and make them a distinctive group. Hitting the road since its inception, the band has launched their latest Full English Tour to multiple cities of the country. Catch their electrifying performances live while the band comes to your city.

Artist: Mumford & Sons

Genre: Folk Rock, Indie Folk

Hit Songs: Little Lion Man, The Cave, I Will Wait, Babel, Lover of the Night

Mumford & Sons – The Beginning
Mumford & Sons originated in 2007 and started to perform in different music festivals and shows before even releasing a formal record. Sharing similar music tastes with the artists like Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn, the band performed with these musicians at festivals such as Glastonbury Festival. Before the end of 2008, the band had toured UK and Australia. Mumford & Sons released an EP named Love Your Ground in November 2008 and hence a wonderful year came to an end.
Successful Journey
Encouraged by the recognition received during their live concerts in UK and Australia, Mumford & Sons started to organize their musical efforts. Combining their talents and incredible song-crafting, the band released their first full-fledged studio album Sigh No More in October 2009. The album turned out to be an international success and topped the music charts in US, Australia and Ireland. Reaching at two on Billboard 200 and UK Albums chart, the album was eventually certified as Double Platinum in the US. The band played at major venues in different countries. Mumford and the Sons tickets sold well in those countries and their shows made them one of the most sought after international bands.
The band went on to tour major destinations around the world and was warmly received by the audiences. In the coming two years, the band received critical acclaim for their musicianship and won many awards. Smash hits like The Cave and Little Lion Man made them one of the hottest global artists. Taking a brief break from extensive touring and live performing, the members worked on their next album. Mumford & Son's sophomore record presented better and musically more impressive songs that marked another remarkable success for the band. 
Babel hit the shelves in September 2012 and it became an international chart topper. The album clinched peak positions at the Billboard 200 and UK charts and sold around 2,347,000 records in the US alone. Spawning megahits such as I Will Wait and Lover of the Night, the album proved to be a musical mammoth. The album also earned Mumford & Sons several awards in 2013 and boosted the international image of the group.
The Quirky Quartet
Mumford & Sons consists of four multitalented and charismatic members; Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Ted Dwane and Winston Marshall. Marcus serves as the front-man of the band and also plays the guitar, mandolin and drums. Lovett contributes as the keyboardist and drummer for the group besides providing backing vocals. Marshall brings in the folk touch by playing banjo and resonator guitar while Dwane plays the guitar and string bass. These band mates together form a collective musical force that weaves their records with great vigor and energy.
Awards and Honors
Mumford & Sons' appealing artistry and versatility has won them numerous awards and accolades. The band has many prestigious awards in their winning list including:
  • 2 Grammys
  • 3 Billboard Music Awards
  • 2 Brit Awards
  • 1 Echo, Q, Juno and ARIA Music Award

Did You Know…

  1. The track ‘Reminder' from Babel was a result of a songwriting game that the band members often play to write their songs.
  2. Babel was the highest selling record of 2012 in UK.
  3. Marcus Mumford has an online book club that he often reads from to improve his songwriting.
  4. Babel got 8 million streams on Spotify, setting the record for the most streamed album in a week.
  5. Marcus Mumford used to play drums for singer Laura Marling before Mumford & Sons.