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In an exceptionally successful career spanning more than five decades, the rock band ‘Moody Blues’ has released 24 albums. Selling more than seventy million albums in number, the band has earned eighteen platinum discs. Despite several hundreds of pop and rock bands acts playing today, the Moody Blues have been able to keep themselves distinguished with their innovative and creative approach to creating music. For about three decades, this talented ensemble of musicians has been the mainstay of concerts and recordings. The band is still rocking the music arenas with three original members and Moody Blues tickets are still selling as hot as in the early days of the band’s success.


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It has been more than four decades that Moody Blues released their smashing hit album ‘Days of the Future Passed’, but its music is as new and memorable today as it was back then. Re-living the memories of the album making and music creation, the talented trio is featuring the two biggest hits from the album in their current tour. "Tuesday Afternoon" and "Nights in the White Sun" have been popular for decades and still continue to keep their irresistible charm for music lovers. Fans are buying Moody Blues tickets in large numbers as they cannot wait to see this legendary band performing live on stage.

Sixties – Rise of the Moody Blues

The band came into existence in 1964, when the duo Ray Thomas and Michael Pinder- then known as Krew Cats- recruited drummer Graeme Edge, guitarist Denny Laine and bassist Clint Warwick. The pentad first appeared as a group in Birmingham in 1964, taking their name ‘Moody Blues’ from a Brewery called M&B. The same year, the band signed a contract with Decca Records and released a single ‘Steal Your Heart Away’. However, it was their second single ‘Go Now’, released shortly after the first one that put them on the road to success. The single climbed to number one on British Charts and secured tenth position on United States’ Charts. The debut album by the group released in 1965 titled ‘The Magnificent Moodies’, which finally established the band as an unavoidable name in the field of rock music.

The Inimitable Success

The first full studio album by the remarkable group came out in 1967, titled ‘Days of Future Passed’. Breaking several records, the album stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for over two years. This album not only marked a milestone in the history of rock recording, but it also proved to be one of the pioneers of concept and style in music, followed by several generations to come. The group also proved itself to be ahead of the curve when they consistently toured in Great Britain and Europe, and followed with another release ‘In search of the Lost Chord’. Following the smashing success once again, the Moody Blues began their concert tour in United States and started garnering legions of fans by the day. The band is still incredibly popular with rock fans and demand for the Moody Blues tickets is still soaring high.

Moody Blues Today!

The remarkable rock band has indeed enjoyed a very successful career. This year they came up with an absolute delight for their fans in the form of a summarized yet lavish collection of hits from their entire career. The box set ‘Timeless Flight’ comprises of seventeen discs that include eleven CDs of live tracks, album cuts and outtakes. Rare television performances and live concert performances are also captured in this box set. Despite hundreds of new rock bands and music acts, Moody Blues have always been able to keep their fan following intact and performance levels high. Small wonder it is then to see Moody Blues tickets in such high demand.


More about the Rockers

  • Currently the band consists of three original members; Justin Hayward, John Lodge and Graeme Edge.
  • John Lodge has the identity of mostly wearing black leather pants in the live performances of the band.
  • Each member of the Moody Blues has done at least done one solo album.
  • The first album that the group produced themselves was titled ‘Strange Times’.
  • "Tuesday Afternoon" was the last song on the concept album Days of Future Passed because it represented nighttime and the album was about different times of the day.