Lisa Lampanelli Tickets

The talented comedian, Lisa Lampanelli has been winning the hearts of millions of fans over the years. Her one woman New Brunswick debut in August is a proof of her popularity. Her hilarious standup acts are still entertaining people, as numerous shows throughout Florida, Nevada and Indiana are underway. She is also expected to make her to way to Ontario by the end of the year. Lisa Lampanelli tickets for shows at Temecula, Orillia, Reno, Hollywood, Orlando, Philadelphia, and Biloxi amongst others are available.

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Lisa Lampanelli


July 19, 1961

Signature comedic style:

Insult comic

Observational comedy

Improvisational comedy

Ethnic humor

Lampanelli, the Mean Queen

Known as the "Queen of Mean", Lisa Lampanelli is popular for her blunt and insulting comedic style. Her sharp wit and controversial acts have made her popular across international borders. She has been invited to serve as Roastmaster for Pamela Anderson, Denis Leary, Flavor Flav, Jeff Foxworthy, Donald Trump, William Shatner and Larry the Cable Guy. Her comedic insults are directed towards ethnic communities and homosexuals and are often described as being "blatantly hilarious".

Personal Life

Born in 1961 in Trumbull, Connecticut, Lisa grew up in a middle class family. Her birth name is Lisa Marie Lampugnale and she is of Polish and Italian descent. Attending Roman Catholic schools in her area, Lampanelli went on to enroll in journalism programs at universities namely Syracuse and Boston. She later completed a graduate program at the prestigious Harvard University. She initiated her career as a journalist working for Popular Mechanics, Rolling Stone, Spy, Maxim Magazine Online and Hit Parader. Lampanelli switched from journalism to standup comedy in 1990. Apart from getting paid better, the comedian states that this way she could say whatever she wanted and get paid for it as well.

Big Break and Success

The comedic artist struggled initially performing at local bars and clubs. She finally got her big break when she was invited to perform at Chevy Chase’s New York Friars’ Club roast in 2002. This started a frenzy as Lampanelli was seen performing at roasts of the most popular comedians. Since then she has performed at roasts for Andy Dick, Gary Dell’Abate, Gene Simmons and Artie Lange.

Comedic Recordings and Releases

Lampanelli’s debut DVD special was released in 2005 titled "Take It like a Man", after which she was seen making guest appearances on VH1’s So NoTOrious and Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector motion picture. Another comedic release came forth in 2006 when the artist taped the Dirty Girl special. This recording was aired on Comedy Central in the following year. A DVD named Dirty Girl .. No Protection was released via Jack Records/Warner Bros in 2007. After this, an HBO special came out in 2008 which was a taped one hour performance at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, California. A year later, the special recording of Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live the Queen was aired and released. Lampanelli started performing her Broadway show named "Bring Back the Fat Chick" in 2012 and later that year she was seen headlining at an NYC Charity Gala, the Night of a Thousand Gowns.

The Lampanelli Experience

At her upcoming shows, fans can hope to witness the comedian performing her signature comedic style and some fresh comic acts. Her hilarious comic acts will have you rolling in your seats with laughter. Treat yourself to an evening full of fun, simply by getting Lisa Lampanelli tickets.


Interesting Things to Know

  • Lisa Lampanelli is one of America’s highly controversial comedians.
  • Lisa has appeared in box office hits such as Delta Force and Drillbit Taylor.
  • Lampanelli has starred as one of the contestants in the Celebrity Apprentice 5, raising over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars for charity.
  • Lampanelli is the proud author of “Chocolate, Please: My Adventures in Food, Fat and Freaks”; a memoir that was published in 2009.
  • Lampanelli is a passionate supporter of the bisexual, gay, transgender and lesbian community.