Jonny Lang Tickets

Jonny Lang’s soulful voice, unique style of guitar strumming and great music abilities list him among the accomplished musicians of the time. Marked by deep songwriting, his melodious records feature his effective take on diverse genres of blues, gospel and rock. Over the years, Lang has gained a devoted fan following without even piles of records. After releasing his new full-fledged studio album, Lang has lined up live shows in the US, Paris and London. Enjoy his smash hits live during one of his concerts at your nearest venue. 

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Artist: Jonny Lang

Genre: Blues, Gospel

Hit Songs: Lie to Me, Blue Up, Rack ‘Em Up, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Bump in the Road, Thankful

Start of a Music Journey

Jonny Lang’s interest in blues grew after his father took him to the live show of one of the very few blues bands in Fargo, North Dakota. He became passionate about guitar and began playing it when he was twelve. After seeking formal classes, Lang learned complex techniques involved with the guitar playing and soon became an expert. In the early 90s, Lang became part of the Bad Medicine Blues Band which was renamed as Kid Jonny Land and The Big Bang after he joined.

Together with the band, Lang independently released an album titled Smokin’ in 1995. The band performed numerous gigs in Minneapolis and became popular for their individual sound. Exposure to large audiences and album production helped him launch a solo music career. His debut studio record, Lie to Me was released under a major label in 1997. The album peaked at 44 on the Billboard 200 chart and exposed Lang’s music to multitudes of listeners.

Immense Success

The early success of his first solo album fueled up his efforts for the new record. Infusing impassioned singing with tuneful music arrangements, he came up with his second album, Wander This World in 1998. The album commercially outperformed than his last album and received positive reviews from the critics. It took nearly five years until Lang released his new studio album. Long Time Coming came out in 2003 and was appreciated for its mature instrumentation and brisk music arrangements.

Considerable gap between the albums’ release enabled Lang to expand his artistic horizons and learn about different genres. His 2006 album, Turn Around distilled blues, gospel and rock into a harmonious sound. The record became a US Christian Albums chart topper and won a Grammy Award. This commercial and critical success not only enhanced his image as a singer but also strengthened his portfolio. Continuous touring to multiple destination provided material for his upcoming live album. Live at the Ryman was released in 2009 and it reached at two on the US Blues Albums chart.

High Profile Comeback

Nearly after five years of break from recording, Jonny Lang made an impressive return to the music scene with his September 2013 release, Fight for My Soul. Rich in lyricism, broad in worldview and musically expressive, the latest studio record became a US Blues Albums chart topper and also made its way to the Billboard 200 and Christian Albums chart. The album has marked a notable addition in his music career and has put Lang on a new path of fame.

Jonny Lang Live

Jonny Lang will be making stops at different destinations as part of his latest tour. Lang’s live shows feature his irresistible vibe and spectacular live performances. Jonny Lang tickets are witnessing mounting sales as the official announcement of his tour dates has created a buzz among his diehard fans. Look out for Lang’s schedule and catch him live in your town to enjoy his hottest hits.


Did You Know…

  • Jonny Lang converted to Christianity in 2000.
  • His voice was compared to a 40 years old Blues singer when he was only 13.
  • During his early years of touring, Lang used to perform barefoot.
  • Fight for My Soul is his first album under his own label, SayRai Music.
  • Lang’s younger sister Jessica was one of the contestants of American Idol’s 8th season.