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John Prine has been entertaining his fans for years now. His live performances are known to reel in the masses from all over America. Due to this John Prine tickets always sell out within a few weeks. Tickets for the upcoming concerts are expected to attract hundreds of fans. His recent concerts that were held throughout London, Glasgow, Londonderry, Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm, Groveland, Jacksonville, Nashville, Miami and Seattle were all sold out and a similar trend is predicted for his forthcoming events.


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Introducing John Prine

Born in 1947, John Prine is a popular American songwriter and singer from Maywood, Illinois. Prine developed an interest in music from a very young age and started playing the guitar when he was only fourteen. However, Prine didn’t pursue his true passion until he moved to Chicago after fighting in the Vietnam War. The artist started performing at open mic nights at the Fifth Peg located on Armitage Avenue where he was spotted by movie critic from the Sun-Times Magazine. His name was Roger Ebert and Prine’s performance moved him so much that he wrote a review about Prine calling the singer "a great vocalist". After this, Prine started performing in numerous clubs throughout the Chicago area such as the Quiet King, Earl of Old Town, the Bulls, the 5th Peg and Somebody Else’s Troubles. It was during these performances that John Prine became acquainted with singer and songwriter, Steve Goodman and together they started a quest of the revival of folk music in the area.

A New Musical Beginning

The debut album released by the artist was in 1971. The self-titled album came forth with the help of Goodman and Kris Kristofferson. Songs from the album that became instead hits included "Sam Stone", "Illegal Smile", "Paradise" and "Angel from Montgomery". The singer was often compared to the music legend Bob Dylan, who himself made a surprise appearances at one of Prine’s concerts in New York. With such success, John Prine started working on his sophomore release titled "Diamonds in the Rough". Songs such as "the Great Compromise" and "Souvenirs" were said to be reminiscent of the ballads of Hank Williams. As Prine’s continued to create music, compose songs and perform, his fan following grew and so did his album repertory. Throughout his career, the singer has released twenty two studio albums working with record labels namely Atlantic, Asylum, Oh Boy and Rhino records.

Awards & Honors

For his contribution to folk and bluegrass music, John Prine has been provided with the Lifetime Achievement Award by BBC Radio 2 for songwriting in 2003. In the same year, the talented singer received induction into Nashville’s Songwriters Hall of Fame. In the year 2005, Prine became the first songwriter/singer to be invited to perform and read at the prestigious Library of Congress. In the same year, John Prine was awarded an Americana Music Award from the category of "Artist of the Year". Pine has also been recognized by popular artists such as Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan at several instances. Bob Dylan in his 2009 interview with the Huffington Post mentioned Prine as being one of his favorite songwriters and described his music as being "Proustian existentialism". Johnny Cash in his autobiography titled Cash mentioned John Prine as one of his inspirations. Other writers that were mentioned in the writing included Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, Steve Goodman and Guy Clark.

John Prine’s most recent release was his 2011 album "Singing Mailman Delivers" that landed amongst the top 20 albums on US Indie and US Rock Chart. It also peaked at number four on the US Folk Chart. John Prine is famous from performing songs from his recent releases as well as evergreen hits from initial albums. Such diversity brings in large crowds from all over UK, US and Canada. Fans have been buying John Prine tickets in hundreds and thousands. 


A Little More about John Prine:

  • John Prine’s 2005’s album Fair and Square came forth while the artist was battling squamous cell cancer. He won a Grammy from the category of “Best Contemporary Folk Album” for it.
  • Prine was the co-founder of the famous, Oh Boy Records that has worked with popular artists such as Steve Goodman, Todd Snider, Shawn Camp, Kris Kristofferson and Dan Reeder.
  • Prine was famous for his humorous lyrics about life and love. This doesn’t mean that his songs didn’t present a serious side. The more serious songs presented social commentary as well.
  • Over the year’s John Prine’s vocals developed and deepened and he gained massive popularity in the nineties due to the gravel-husky tone of his voice.
  • John Prine has been active in the music industry for over forty years now.