John Pinette Tickets

Innocent looks, plump physique, amusing expressions and to top it all, a fabulous sense of humor, John Pinette comes across as a quintessential comedian. His jokes and antics appeal to audiences belonging to all generations and backgrounds. Known for his popular comedy special ‘I’m Starvin’ and his much acclaimed appearance in the musical ‘Hairspray,’ Pinette is back to rock the standup comedy stage once again.

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Artist: John Pinette

Comic Style: Observational, Celebrity Impressions

Popular Standup Specials: I’m Starvin!, Still Hungry

The Struggle

John Pinette was born with a natural sense of humor. Upon receiving appreciation from his friends and family, he realized that he could actually make a living out of this talent. Hence, he decided to quit his job as an accountant to take up comedy as a professional career. Soon he began performing at clubs in various parts of the country. His big break however came when he was approached to accompany the famous Frank Sinatra on his live tour. Since then, John has ventured into various fields of entertainment. He has attained a regular place as a guest artist on the popular television programs, ‘The View’ and ‘The Tonight Show.’

Hit Projects

John Pinette has made a name for himself within the comedy circuit by starring in numerous movies, television programs and stand-up shows. He is widely popular for impersonating renowned personalities like Elvis Presley, actor Marlon Brando, Herve Villechaize and The Chipmunks. His ability to adjust his vocal range to produce different ethnic accents is admirable. Pinette has appeared in a number of prominent feature films including the Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer ‘Junior’ and ‘Dear God’ along with Greg Kinnear. His other popular characters include Micro, Bumpo and Macho in movies ‘Simon Sez’ (1999) and ‘The Punisher’ (2004), ‘The Last Godfather’ (2010) respectively. In 2004, John Pinette joined the touring cast of the musical ‘Hairspray’ in which he played the character of Edna Turnbad. The performance was met with a positive response by the critics and fans. Hence, he continued to entertain his audience as Edna in various Broadway productions until 2006. John was also the guest star in the two part finale of the Emmy winning television show ‘Seinfeld.’ His stand-up comedies were shown as part of Comedy Central’s much followed animated series called, ‘Shorties Watchin` Shorties’. The comedian has entertained fans with his humor and wit at many popular occasions. Among these are the 42nd annual MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. During Pinette’s comedy tour of 2010, he recorded the now famous Comedy Central special show titled ‘John Pinette: Still Hungry’. The world premiere of the program was telecasted on the channel on the 29th of July, 2009.


John Pinette was honored with the ‘Stand-up Comedian of the Year’ award at the American Comedy Awards in 1999. He also received the prestigious Gemini Award nomination for his performance at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival that took place in Montreal in 2000.

Most Recent Endeavors

John Pinette’s most recent show is his ‘I’m Starvin’ sequel, a stand-up special called ‘Still Hungry.’ It depicts John as an overweight man addicted to eating and being unapologetic about it at the same time. The comedian pokes fun at his own fat self by making hilarious observational remarks. ‘Still Hungry’ starts with John’s funny observations about ‘Cake Boss.’ It revolves around his chubby outlook, his love for food as well as other jokes related to everyday experiences. It is widely watched by comedy fans. His upcoming show at Wilber Theatre, Boston features the comedian in his best form. With his off the cuff remarks and hilarious observations, one can expect to spend a fun filled evening with friends and family. Fans are already excited to book their John Pinette tickets for the shows scheduled for December.


More About John Pinette

  1. Pinette’s dialogue delivery has often been compared to that of Gilbert Gottfried.
  2. John also hosts the TV series ‘All You Can Eat’ which presents a humorous take on American cuisine.
  3. Pinette was among the comedy acts of Ron White’s Comedy Salute to the Troops on CMT (2012).
  4. John is also known for his singing skills which he shows occasionally in his stand up routines.
  5. He was a regular on the popular sitcom series, ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.’