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After a psychedelic trip and getting his vocal chords repaired, John Mayer is all geared up for his upcoming live concerts. The good-looking star's onstage appearance wearing a safari vest and a headband set the crowds screaming with excitement. Lately, Mayer's emphasis has been on folks, blues and his mellow rock sounds. His new album “Paradise Valley” is also up for release this month. It seems that fans are as excited for his new album as for his forthcoming concert.


John Mayer

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Your Body is a Wonderland

Waiting on the World to Change


The public response to the controversial interview that Mayer gave to Playboy magazine  made him regretful and look for redemption as is evident in the songs released on ‘Born and Raised'. It seemed that the salvation Mayer was looking for was for his own self. The star's recent shift of music style has amazed fans. Intrigued, the fans are more impatient than ever for his new upcoming release.
A Look at Mayer's Journey to Success
Born John Clayton Mayer, popularly known as John Mayer was interested in music from a very young age. He started playing guitar when he was thirteen and in only two years' time he was already playing with the band Villanova Junction at the local blues clubs. At seventeen, Mayer started writing songs also. During college, Mayer left for Atlanta with Clay Cook to play live under the title LoFi Masters. The duo could not stay together for long and in 1999 Mayer left and came up with his EP recording, “Inside Wants Out”.
The first major breakthrough for John Mayer came in 2000 when he signed with a Columbia subsidiary, Aware Records, after having performed at the Southwest Musical Festival in Austin. His first full-length studio album released in 2001, titled “Room for Squares”, topped the charts and reached multi-platinum status. The single “Your Body is a Wonderland” from the album also earned him a Grammy Award. His second studio album “Heavier Things” was also a huge commercial success, and it also went multi-platinum.
Personal Transitions
When John Mayer started his music career, his public image was that of a simple, good guy. He started disposing of his sensitive balladeer persona in favor of a smart renaissance man sometime in 2004. The transition was not merely in appearance; Mayer thoroughly followed his new public image through derisive blog posts, a TV show on VH1, a column in Esquire magazine and a spot on The Chappelle Show.
At the same time, Mayer also started to diversify his music. He shared songwriting credit with Kanye West and Common and provided backing vocals for the single Go by Common. For his own music, Mayer started concentrating on blues, and played with Herbie Hancock and Buddy Guy. In 2006, his single ‘Waiting on the World to Change' from his solo album “Continuum” showed a new side of the star. The song hinted at political protest and that was an entirely new lyrical territory for the talented singer.
Mayer had a throat surgery in 2011 which was not successful. There were apprehensions that Mayer might have to give up singing indefinitely. However, in March this year, John Mayer finally announced that his vocal cord granuloma has healed and that he can continue singing. John Mayer had to postpone his 2012 album tour because of this condition. Now that the music icon is hale and hearty again, he can proceed with music activities. This news is a welcome one for the fans, who had been waiting for the time to buy John Mayer tickets for an exciting concert again.
In addition to this, Mayer fans have one more reason to be overjoyed. The sixth studio album by the star, titled “Paradise Valley” is scheduled for release in August this year. The album features eleven tracks and is named after a major river valley of Yellowstone River. The talented musician is hopeful and the fans are impatient for this upcoming release by their favorite artist.

Johan Mayer Fans Should Also Know…

  1. A comedian Kumail Nanjiani once dubbed John Mayer as ‘accidental racist'.
  2. Mayer's parents took him to a psychiatrist when he was young because he was way too serious about playing guitar.
  3. Mayer was hospitalized for a week at the age of 17 for cardiac arrhythmia.
  4. In addition to his specialty ‘guitar', Mayer used to play violin and clarinet also.
  5. His favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting”