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Music –A Class Apart

By blurring the boundaries of genres like heavy metal and electronic music, Boston based music band Godsmack emerged as one of the greatest rock stories of the 90s. Their success can be credited in part to the unique influence that Wiccan faith had on the band's founder and lead vocalist, Sully Erna. Their very first independent album was picked up by one of the most renowned labels of the time and eventually went on to be declared Multi-Platinum. The band continued sailing to success with their follow-up record ‘Awake'. Ever since there has been no looking back for the musicians, be it recordings or live performances.

Awards and Accolades:

Four Grammy Nominations, One Billboard Honor

Music Influences:

Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith among others

Current members:

Sully Erna, Tony Rombola, Shannon Larkin, Robbie Merrill

The Beginning of the Journey

Having played as a drummer for over two decades, Sully Erna decided to form a band of his own with the title The Scam. Led by the singer and founder, it comprised of bassist Robbie Merrill, guitarist Lee Richards and drummer Tommy Stewart. Shortly afterwards, they changed the name to Godsmack and began performing in small bars and clubs of Boston. Soon, they gained attention for their songs like ‘Whatever' and ‘Keep Away.' The hits led the way to the top of the radio charts in Boston and eventually recording offers began to pour in.

Label Produced Hit Recordings

It was in the summer of 1998, when Godsmack signed a contract with Universal Records. The band's first studio recorded single ‘All Wound Up' was re-mastered and released six weeks later, as part of their self titled debut album. The lyrics of some of the songs of ‘Godsmack' gave rise to a number of controversies. Nevertheless, the record sales kept going up irrespective of the criticisms. The next album ‘Awake' came out two years later, which again was a huge commercial hit. The following record ‘Faceless' produced Grammy nominated hits like ‘I Stand Alone' and ‘Straight out of Line.' The fourth label produced album ‘IV' debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, selling 211,000 copies within the first week of release. The year 2010 saw the release of the band's next record ‘The Oracle' after a gap of four years. The album was met with a positive response by fans and critics alike. It sold 117,000 copies within the first week of release. Godsmack came up with their latest live record by the name of ‘Live and Inspired' in May of 2012. The collection consists of a bonus EP of cover songs.

The Live Rock Star Performers

The band started off with their official tours with the Godsmack Tour, following the release of their self-titled debut album. They also performed at club shows as well as festivals like Woodstock and Ozzfest. After the success of their second record ‘Awake', the musicians went on tour across Europe with the metal band, Limp Bizkit. Godsmack continued to play the opening acts for a number of well known bands. In 2004, they opened the show of Madly in Anger with the World Tour by Metallica. The band played the headlining acts in the tour with the rock band, Dropbox. Within the same year, they performed numerous acoustic acts to promote their EP ‘The Other Side.' Godsmack is back on the road once again with their current tour in action. Hence Godsmack tickets, like always, are a hot item amongst music fans nowadays.

Interesting Facts…

  • Godsmack has been nominated for a total of four Grammy Awards.
  • The band received their first Grammy nomination for the instrumental track ‘Vampires.'
  • The band won the Billboard honor of ‘Rock Artist of the Year' in 2001.
  • ‘Faceless' was the number one selling album in the United States when it was released.
  • The music sound and style of Godsmack is often compared with that of Alice in Chains.