Gabriel Iglesias Tickets

Gabriel Iglesias is so hilarious that he'll make you laugh your insides out! Having made America laugh since 1997, he has now released his third stand-up special and is currently on tour. Gabriel, or “Fluffy”, is well known for joking about a variety of topics such as Mexican American culture, his weight, race relations and everyday life. His sound effects and storytelling are just a couple of popular things about him that make his comedy that much more hilarious and exciting to listen to. With Gabriel, you're never really sure what you're going to get. One thing that is certain, however, is the fact that you're going to have a great time. 


Gabriel Iglesias


Stand-up comedian, actor


Hot and Fluffy (2008), We Luv Fluffy (2009), Aloha Fluffy (2013)

Modest Beginnings

Fluffy started out working a regular job with a dream of making it big with his comedy talent. In 2000 he made an appearance on Nickelodeon's classic television show All That, where he co-starred with Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes. In 2006, he was on the Last Comic Standing, a reality television series. Although he was disqualified, the show helped him to gain much needed exposure. Later he held minor roles in shows like Family Guy and The Emperor's New Groove, admitting that he enjoyed the latter greatly.

Big Break

Gabriel's stand-up special, Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution, aired on Comedy Central in 2011. The special garnered positive reviews and had critics raving, some even going so far as to call him a "comedy genius". It was after this that he became better well known and established himself as a comedian. Since then he has had roles in two films and made multiple appearances on Ray William Johnson's video blog, Equals Three. ‘Aloha Fluffy’ was also released around that time and became a huge success.

Gabriel Iglesias Today

With three stand-up specials out as well as another film role in the works, Gabriel is on tour and is spreading his charm and hilarious stories with all of America. You do not want to miss out on the laughs and good times to be had, so make sure you score for a venue near you as soon as you can. You can bet that they'll go fast, so get yours today.

Comedy Style

Fluffy makes jokes out of many topics that people can often relate to which makes them all the more funny. From obesity jokes to Mexican American culture, children and girlfriends and so much more, he ensures that everything and anything is made fun of. His sound effects and impersonations add to the overall effect of his stand-up and make audiences burst out in laughter. After all, aren't punch lines funnier if they sound funny? He is also capable of satire and uses it often. Unlike many other comedians, Gabriel is sensitive about crossing lines and alienating members of his audience.


More About Gabriel Iglesias…

  • Gabriel was born and raised in Southern California.
  • He started performing stand-up comedy at the age of 21.
  • He is known for the phrase “I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.”
  • His pets are named Fluffy and Picachu.
  • He appeared on Nickelodeon's, All That