The Fresh Beat Band Tickets

Set to pop tunes and pre-school friendly lyrics, the live action, musical sitcom ‘The Fresh Beat Band’ is soon to be staged in your city. Its TV series version began in the year 2009 on Nickelodeon with Nadine van der Velde and Scott Kraft as the executive producers. The show is widely acclaimed and particularly enjoyed by the children. With a number of catchy tracks and lively dance sequences, ‘The Fresh Beat Band Live’ is ready to be staged at the Theatre at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Plan a family night out and treat your kids to this enlightening show.

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Event: The Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert

Theme: Musical

Main Characters: Marina, Shout, Twist, Kiki


The show features ‘The Fresh Beat Band’ that comprises a group of four high-spirited young friends namely Twist, Marina, Shout and Kiki who go to a music school together. Every episode has a situation which encourages the characters to put their heads together and find a solution. As the Fresh Beats (characters) indulge in exciting activities like singing and dancing during school time they are joined by the kids in the audience who help them in solving their problems.


The Fresh Beat Band is made up of four lively characters, played by two male and two female actors. Marina the pianist, vocalist and drummer of the band is played by Tara Perry. The character of the keyboard player and second vocalist Shout is enacted by the talented African American performer, Thomas Hobson. The Disc jockey’s character Twist is played by Jon Beavers. The music techniques used by him include turntables and beatbox. Sometimes he also contributes as a vocalist. The violist and guitarist for the band is Kiki, played by Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer. Like the rest of the three characters, Yvette too lends voice to the numerous tracks that the group performs during the show.

The Format

Each of ‘The Fresh Beat Band’ shows follow the same structure. It starts with a music number in which the characters are introduced to the problem that they have to solve. They work together in order to find a solution to the problem and eventually when the Fresh Beats accomplish their task, they celebrate their success by performing a chirpy song. The aspects of the problem and its solution are incorporated into the lyrics of the song. The characters are joined by a number of kids in the celebration of their victory. The dance performances by the main cast are choreographed by renowned artists like Mandy Moore, Chuck, Maldonado, Mary Ann Kellogg, Fred Tallaksen, Mihran Kirakosian, Dreya Weber, Susan Austin and Scotty Nguyen.

The Live Experience

The Fresh Beat Band Live show is just as exciting as its television version. Although it was initially targeted towards preschoolers, but with time a substantial increase in its adult viewership has also been noticed. The Fresh Beats are all set to embark upon a live tour to treat fans with upbeat music scores, adventures and celebrations. Their constant engagement with the audience is one of the most attractive aspects of their live acts. This friendly interaction by the performers is particularly enjoyed by the children in the audience. Parents of preschoolers can buy The Fresh Beat Band tickets if they wish to spend a fun family time and get their little ones to meet their favorite characters.


Did You Know…

  1. The show was previously known by the name ‘The Jumparounds.’
  2. ‘The Fresh Beat Band’ series is ranked amongst television’s top preschoolers’ show.
  3. A major change in the cast lineup took place when Shayna Rose left the series and was replaced by Tara Perry for the character of Marina.
  4. The show is filmed at the Paramount Studios located in Los Angeles.
  5. ‘The Fresh Beat Band: Music From the Hit TV Show’ sold 189,000 album copies in the US in 2012.