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Excision, the dubstep sensation, has hit the road for another tour but this time things are going to be different. Accompanying him on the journey will be his brand new 150,000 watts sound system. That is right, fans will get to experience bone rattling sound louder than ever before. Excision has been known to experiment and his concerts always tend to be a little different. That is expected to be the case this time around as well as he gets ready to step on to the stage in what will be his biggest tour to date. Get ready to be a part of a ride that will be one to remember for a long time to come.

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DJ and a dubstep producer

2013 was a big year for Excision. Not only did he come out with his first album on Destroid, he also made huge strides forward in becoming one of the most sought after dubstep artists on the circuit today. Excision has seen his career take an upward curve since the time he first came on to the music scene. There is a lot of hard work and talent behind his success and those are two facets which will help him a great deal in the future as well. Fans have bought Excision tickets and packed houses everywhere he has gone on to perform and that looks likely to be the case this year too. The tour has begun and Excision is all set to make you dance to his tunes like you have never danced before.

The Beginning

Excision first got a taste of electronic music when he heard “The Fat of the Land” by Prodigy. The interesting thing is, he wasn’t really into that kind of music before that. The Fat of the Land stirred something inside him and Excision started taking keen interest in EDM. Then in the year 2005 he heard “Degenerate,” by Vex’d and that is when he made up his mind to venture into the world of dubstep and electronic music.

Early Days

He began to produce music and became a DJ to kick start what was to become a stellar career. He first began to tour in 2007 and began to use the internet to learn how to come up with tunes. The World Wide Web wasn’t as expansive as it is today, so he had to put in long hours to learn how dubstep and electronic music worked.

The fact that his native Canada didn’t really have a major electronic music landscape was a hindrance as well. Excision first started to interact with other DJs in 2006, a year after he turned pro. He was on his way to coming out with tunes for the masses and it wasn’t long before people started to sit up and take notice of his talents.

Excision comes to the party

Excision first made headlines with “No Escape” in the year 2007 and the concerts sold out in no time at all.  He then went on to collaborate with different artists like “Downlink” and “Legacy”. Excision came out with his debut album in 2011. It was titled “X Rated” and its remixed version also came out next year which featured the likes of “Downlink,” “Datsik,” “Savvy,” “Mr. Hudson,” “Messinian” and “SKisM.”

Excision then formed “Destroid,” a super group, by joining hands with “KJ Sawka” and “Downlink” in 2012.  He then embarked on a  tour across North America in 2013 which turned out to be a huge success. He followed that up with the release of his second album, “Destroid: The Invasion.” His latest road trip is another chance for EDM fans to enjoy the hard hitting, adrenaline pumping music Excision is famous for. So get ready to be a part of a road trip that is expected to take the country by storm.

Did You Know?

  • Prior to using his latest 150,000 watt speakers, Excision used to have 100,000 watts of sound.
  • He was taking a business degree at the University of Columbia in 2005 when he decided to drop out and focus on music.
  • He didn’t meet any producers till 2007 when he went on his first tour.
  • His stage piece to be used on the tour is known as The Executioner.
  • The Executioner is twenty eight feet wide and fifteen feet tall.