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The celebrated British comedian Eddie Izzard is all set to send thousands on a laughing spree as he tours around Europe and North America this season. The Emmy Award winner has enthralled millions around the world with his hit comedy specials, live performances and TV shows. Eddie has also appeared in numerous films over the years and continues to entertain his fans through various mediums. His latest tour Force Majeure is expected to bring Eddie on Canadian stages apart from shows in Europe. The comedian will be performing his signature style of comedy featuring self-referential pantomime and rambling whimsical monologues. Eddie is expected to storm several major stages such as Toronto’s Massey Hall, Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre, Victoria’s Royal Theatre and Thunder Bay’s Community Auditorium. 

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Eddie Izzard


Observational Comedy, Surreal Humor

Popular DVDs:

Stripped, Circle, Dress To Kill, Definite Article, Unrepeatable



Born in 1982 in the Colony of Aden, Eddie first began experimenting with comedy while pursuing an accountancy degree at the University of Sheffield. After leaving the institution, Eddie along with friend Rob Ballard took their skills to the streets. He started performing gigs in Convent Garden and later began working as a street performer in the US as well as Europe. During the mid eighties, Eddie moved his act to Britain’s stages, performing his first gig at London’s Banana Cabaret. He made his first standup comedy stage appearance in 1987 at London’s Comedy Store.

US and Europe Breakthroughs

The artist made his mark on the mainstream comedy circuit in 1991 with his sketch ‘Wolves’. The comedy act was a part of an AID benefit show, Hysteria 3, produced by Fry and Laurie. His subsequent standup works earned him several British Comedy Awards and made Eddie a permanent part of the European comedy circuit.

In 1996, Eddie befriended Robin Williams while working on the film ‘The Secret Agent’. Robin encouraged Eddie to bring his standup comedy act to the US. As a result, Eddie brought his ‘Definite Article’ stint to New York that garnered critical as well as commercial success. However, it was the televising of his ‘Dress To Kill Tour’ on the HBO Network that marked his US breakthrough. Eddie had already performed the show on tour in France and UK, but the televising brought him instant and widespread acclaim throughout the country. ‘Dress To Kill’ won two Emmy Awards for writing and performance.

Live On Stage

Eddie continues to allure thousands to his live standup shows every year. His captivating stage presence and hilarious punch-lines keep the audiences glued to the stage. The comedian is known to think out loud during his acts and often jumps from representing one made up character to another in a capricious fashion. With his last tour ‘Stripped’ earning rave reviews from the fans, Eddie’s upcoming Force Majeure is expected to be even more grand and happening. Therefore, the fans are already on a lookout for Eddie Izzard tickets. Make sure to catch one of the most sought after and praised British comedians of the decade live on stage this year. 


Did You Know…

  • The Humanist Community at Harvard University presented Eddie with the ‘6th Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2013.
  • Channel 4 ranked Eddie on third spot on its 2007’s ‘100 Greatest British National Comedians’ list, behind Billy Connolly (#1) and Pete Kay (#2).
  • In 2009 Eddie ran forty-three marathons in fifty-one days without prior training to raise money for Sports Relief.
  • Eddie is a declared transvestite and has openly discussed his passion for cross-dressing.
  • He plans to venture into politics with the aims of becoming an MEP or Mayor by 2020.