Dave Matthews Band Tickets

The Grammy Award winning, Dave Matthews Band is respected worldwide for their improvisational skills that are unrivalled in the industry. In their career spanning over two decades, the band has toured constantly and sold over 30 million records around the world. They are now expanding on their summer touring legacy and are all set for live concerts that promise to include hits from Dave Matthews Band's hottest albums including ‘Busted Stuff', Under The Table Dreaming' and ‘Crash'.

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Dave Matthews Band (DMB)


Rock, Pop Rock, Fusion Rock, Country Rock

Hit Songs:

Crash Into Me, Crush, Too Much, Ants Marching, So Much to Say, Satellite

The Beginning

Dave Matthews' career in music started off from Charlottesville Premier Bar for musicians in the early nineties. He wrote songs in the morning and worked as a bartender during the night. The talented but hesitant artist just lacked the courage to share his melodies with public and it was with the support of his friend Ross Hoffman that he crawled out of his shell and recorded a demo of his self written songs. He jammed with John D'earth, LeRoi Moore and Carter Beauford, later deciding to form his own band. Matthews along these musicians conducted his first concert at the bar's rooftop as The Dave Matthews Band.

Start of a Successful Journey

Formed in the early nineties, Dave Matthews Band embarked on a successful music journey with the members Carter Beauford, Leroi Moore, Stefan Lessard, Peter Greiser and Boyd Tinsely. Together they worked effortlessly on their first studio album, ‘Remember Two Things' that was released in 1993 and went on to become a huge hit. It debuted on the College Charts as the highest independent entry and earned a Platinum certification in a short span of time. Popularity of their debut release attracted offers from many well known record labels and after fielding a few, DMB signed with RCA Records to release its second album, ‘Under the Table Dreaming'. Declared a hit, it sold four million copies in the US alone. With singles like, ‘What Would You Say', it won Dave Matthews Band a Grammy Award in the category of ‘Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal' and marked the first breakthrough in their career.


Dave Matthews Band has released a total of eight studio and eighteen live albums and none have gone without critical praise. The success of their breakthrough release, ‘Under the Table Dreaming' continued till the mid nineties. The band's following album was titled ‘Crash'. It earned Platinum certification and produced five super hit singles. The track ‘Crash into Me' earned the band another Grammy Award nomination.  This was followed by the most ambitious album of the band, ‘'The Crowded Streets', which marked the end of a successful decade for the band. The new millennium proved to be even luckier for Dave Matthews Band as it received outstanding response for albums like ‘Everyday', ‘Busted Stuff', ‘Standup' and ‘Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King'. The latest on its list of albums is ‘Away from the World' that has already made it to the first position on the Billboard 200 Charts. This achievement has earned DMB the status of having the ‘Most #1 Albums by an American Band' in the chart's history.

Live Experience

Attending Dave Matthews Band's live concert is nothing short of a thrilling experience. It has been likened to a football game, where the crowd goes crazy as soon as the team rushes out of the locker room. The audience is seen jumping up and down in their seats, bumping fists and clapping, adding to the already electrifying ambiance. As soon as the band walks out on stage, they are welcomed by thunderous applause. The crowd dances in the aisles, sings along to every song and there is an atmosphere of celebration. The band with their unforgettable performance ensures that the audiences' decision of buying Dave Matthews Band tickets is completely worth it.

Did You Know…

  1. Dave Matthews Band allows audiences to record their live performances and also permit their nonprofit trading.
  2. The Warehouse Fan Association of DMB pioneered internet based ticket sales is used by almost all the artists today.
  3. Dave Matthews appeared on the cover of Spin Magazine as the ‘King of Rock' in 1998.
  4. Dave Matthews took up guitar at the age of 9 and admits he wasn't a great student.
  5. Dave Matthews Band is actively involved in charitable causes.