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Known for his powerful high-range vocals, deft song-crafting and vibrancy, Chris Cornell is one of the highly revered names in modern rock. His genre-defining records, both with his band as well as a solo musician, list him among musically accomplished artists. Individuality has always been the label of his musicianship and is also the reason of his widespread fame. Kicking off a new tour this season, Cornell is performing at numerous venues including Germany, Netherlands, UK, Canada and United States. Enjoy his adrenaline-filled live numbers when the rock star visits your city!

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Artist: Chris Cornell

Awards: 2 Grammys, 1 Satellite, MTV Video Music and World Soundtrack Award

Hit Songs: Black Hole Sun, You Know My Name, Like a Stone, Can’t Change Me, Scream

A Shooting Star

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Cornell burst onto the music scene in the mid-80s when the grunge movement was spurring up in the neighborhood. With his innovative style and unmatched artistry, he fueled up the advancements in rock and other related genres. His versatility and multiple instrument-playing techniques listed him among the very few musicians of that time who inspired the generations to come.


Musical Ventures

Cornell’s iconic journey started when he, along with Kim Thayil and Hiro Yamamoto, formed the band Soundgarden in 1984. As a front-man of the band, Cornell directed the group towards an unending path of success and fame. His incisive songwriting and flawless voice coupled with the members’ boundless passion took Soundgarden from locally popular to an internationally recognized band. The members combined their efforts in the first project that was called Deep Six.


Throughout their musical journey, the band produced several multi-platinum and chart-topping albums. Among their other records, Louder Than Love, Superunknown and Down on the Upside are the most famous. Following a hiatus in late 1990s, the band made a historic return in 2010 with the release of their album Telephantasm. Since then the band has released two more albums besides headlining their tours to multiple cities around the world.


Besides Soundgarden, Cornell’s other popular musical undertakings included Audioslave, Center for Disease Control Boys, and Temple of the Dog. Contributing his superb singing abilities to the remaining members of the band Rage Against the Machine, Cornell renewed the band as Audioslave. This venture turned out to be a great success right after the release of their self-titled debut in November 2002.


Their following albums Out of Exile and Revelations gathered raving response from the listeners. In 2007, to focus on his solo career, Cornell departed from the band. For a year, he was also a member of the band Center for Disease Control Boys. Cornell also formed a tribute band ‘Temple of the Dog’ for his roommate and former member of the band Mother Love. With more than a million records sold of their first album, Temple of the Dog played in a number of successful shows even after they didn’t record any new album.


Solo Success

Cornell’s solo career marked another chapter in his success story. The debut album Euphoria Morning, which released in September 1999, received critical acclaim for its singles Can’t Change Me and Sunshower. The former also earned him a Grammy nomination. To promote his record, Cornell embarked on a tour and played at leading venues.


He revived his solo career in 2007 by releasing Carry On. Entering foreign music charts, the album proved to be a great success with the listeners. Scream came out in 2009 and was a top ten hit on the Billboard. His latest album was the live record titled Songbook that was released in November 2011. The current year brings him back on the road where he is hitting major cities worldwide.


Live in Concert!

After the official announcement of his live shows in multiple cities around the world, fans are excited and looking forward to see him performing live. Chris Cornell tickets are in great demand as this world tour is an important addition in his touring career. So if you want to groove to his classic and new hits, don’t forget to attend his live show when he performs in your town.

Did You Know…

  1. Audioslave was the first band ever to play in an open-air show in Havana that attracted more than 50,000 attendees.
  2. Cornell is the only American musician who wrote, recorded and performed Bond’s Casino Royale’s soundtrack.
  3. One of the tracks Live to Rise in Avengers assemble is performed by Soundgarden.
  4. Cornell worked as a sous chef before becoming a professional musician.
  5. He was placed at fourth on Hit Parader’s list of “Heavy Metal’s All-Time Top 100 Vocalists”.