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Recently wrapping up the Home for Christmas DVD shoot, Celtic Woman received a more than warm response from the viewers. This holiday season is bringing for the fans of the ensemble an incredible opportunity to listen to remarkable songs by some of the most beautiful looking and incredible sounding singers of the country. The recorded show is scheduled to be telecasted worldwide for all the fans of folk, contemporary and classical music. Celtic Woman tickets are also available for those wishing to be a part of an amazing live concert filled with mesmerizing tunes and heartfelt music.


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Celtic Woman

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Internationally famous Celtic Woman is back with even more vocal action. And now with their DVD recording for the same album, they are all set once again to repeat their success. Fans are quickly trying to buy the Celtic Woman tickets as well because they do not want to miss out on the chance of watching their favorite ensemble of Irish singers performing live.

The Beginning

Performing a mix of Celtic, adult contemporary, new age folk and classical music, ‘Celtic Woman’ is an all female vocal ensemble, formed in 2004. The creation of the group was the realization of David Downes’ and Sharon Browne’s dream. They brought together four talented young Irish female vocalists and an equally talented fiddle player and made a group that possessed a variety of unique yet perfectly harmonious talent and style. The repertoire of the ensemble includes numbers as diverse as Danny Boy and Orinoco Flow. The musical journey by Celtic Woman started off as a 90-minute show for PBS and developed into a full scale touring production. Almost a decade down the line the group is on its way to success with a handful of certified gold and platinum records in the bag.

History of the Ensemble

The first time the group got a lot of recognition was on an energetic stage show and because of this Celtic Woman is often compared to similar productions like Riverdance. The first performance by the group was recorded in 2004 as the first- and intended to be the only- album by the musical group. It was broadcasted in 2005 followed by an exceptionally successful CD and DVD. Although it was supposed to be the only album produced by the Celtic Woman, the released album made a record of staying at the top of Billboard World Music chart for 81 weeks straight. This proved to be a milestone for the amazing journey to success and stardom for the ‘Celtic Woman’.

Success Snapshots

After the smashing success of their first album, the group decided to tour heavily across the country. At the same time coverage in a PBS series ensured continuous television appearances for the talented ladies. They also kept releasing albums time after time which kept their fan following intact and popularity graph rising. Their 2006 album ‘A Christmas Celebration’ was holiday-oriented followed by ‘A New Journey" in the following year. Both these albums topped the world music charts and earned Celtic Woman much acclaim both nationally and internationally. Next two albums ‘The Greatest Journey’ and "Songs from the Heart’ also increased their popularity for the group and pulled it further into the limelight.

In 2007, Celtic Woman bagged the European Border Breakers Award. The idea of this honor was to appreciate the international outreach by the group’s music. Latest releases by the Celtic Woman include the 2012 albums ‘Home for Christmas’ as well as ‘Silent Night’. Both the releases have contributed massively to the already soaring fan following of the ensemble. are in demand as fans are impatient to watch their favorite Irish singers perform their new songs in live concerts.

More about the Celtics…

  1. Current members of the group include Mairéad Carlin, Susan McFadden, Lisa Lambe and Máiréad Nesbitt.
  2. Celtic Woman has sometimes been described as the Riverdance for the Voice.
  3. One of the most extensive tours, the ‘Celtic Woman: A New Journey’ took the group on a visit to 88 cities in 2007 and 75 cities in 2008.
  4. ‘Celtic Woman’ is expected to take the tour for their album “Believe” to Europe in October this year followed by an Australian tour in January next year.
  5. The four members combine together the four traits of hip, rational, energetic and angelic. A perfect mix for an amazing performing quartet.