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Famous for executing comic routines with the help of different props, Scott Thompson aka Carrot Top is one of the most successful American comedians. Puns about the pop culture coupled with the use of his personal props augment the hilarity of his stand-up routines. His shows are no less than a full-fledged rock concert as they are packed with loud music, laser effects, lightshows and smoke machines. Besides his resident shows at the Luxor Resort and Casino,  Carrot Top is hitting multiple venues for his live comedy shows. Join him in one of his upcoming live acts for a great time out. 


Carrot Top



Popular Work:

Chairman of the Board, Dennis the Menace Strikes Again, I Am Comic

Rise as a Comedian

Carrot Top’s talents as a comedian were discovered during his term at the Florida Atlantic University. As a freshman, he attended his first live stand-up show that inspired him to do the same. One of his friends suggested him to take part in the university’s open mic night and he cracked some jokes which were well received by the audiences.

This gave him the confidence to go further and he presented his next act with his very first prop. This inventive style was highly appreciated by the attendees and made him popular among the local comedy circuit. A number of performances at different community clubs helped him develop a strong fan base which paved way for his upcoming ventures.

Making a Mark

In 1991, his first television performance at the Last Comic Standing marked a major breakthrough in his career and a never ending journey of performing started after that. With a great comic appearance at The Tonight Show in 1992, Carrot Top’s unique style of comedy became known to every other American. He received an overwhelming response from the viewers as well as the critics for his numerous performances on different television shows.

Among his other television credits, his performances on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels and Live with Regis Kelly are mention worthy. These shows not only helped him to introduce his routines to the masses but also earned him a large fan following. In 1994, he won American Comedy Award for the Funniest Male Stand-up Comic. By the late 1990s, Carrot Top had become a renowned comic figure in America as well as in various other countries.

In 2005, Carrot Top became a headlining performer at the MGM Grand and his live shows averaged 15 weeks a year. Besides that, he became one of the most prominent comedians on the Las Vegas Strip when he took the resident shows at the Luxor Resort and Casino. Flocks of fans gathered to enjoy his fresh comic routines which resulted in high sales of Top Carrot tickets.  Regular live stand-up shows around the country established him among the most successful touring comedians.

Movies and Voiceover Work

Carrot Top’s career expanded with his roles and voiceover work in different movies. Besides his cameos in other comedy films, his most famous big screen credits include Chairman of the Board, Carrot Top’s A.M. Mayhem, Dennis the Menace Strikes Again and The Hangover. These ventures have strengthened his standing in the entertainment industry.

The Carrot Top Experience

Carrot Top’s fun-filled live performances feature his innovative props that compliment his various comical acts. His ability to poke fun at pop culture, music and common subjects make his comedy enjoyable for the young and the adults alike. Apart from his shows at the Luxor Resort and Casino, Carrot Top performs his live stand-up routines at different venues across the US. Be a part of one of his shows and enjoy his funniest jokes. 

Did You Know…

  • Carrot Top is also known as the ‘King of Props’.
  • He has a jet ski named Tweety.
  • He is the voice president of the non-profit organization called Jerry’s Kids.
  • He has tattooed a small carrot on his ankle.
  • He considers George Carlin as the master of comedy.