Brian Regan Tickets

Hailed as ‘one of the most beloved stand-up comics over the past 15 years’ by Atlantic City Weekly, Brian Regan has won millions of hearts with his hilarious material and comic timings. The comedian has earned praises for his clean style of comedy, appealing to widespread audiences including teens as well as adults. Brian refrains from off-color humor and profanity, but uses his keen observational skills to deliver a humorous comedic experience. Catch the comedian live in action as he hits major venues around the US including the Pechanga Resort & Casino Showroom, Riverside Casino & Golf Resort, Barbara B Mann Performing Arts Hall and Montalvo.

Artist: Brian Regan

Genres: Observational Comedy

Popular DVDs: All by Myself, The Epitome of Hyperbole, Standing Up

Early Years

Born in Miami, Brian was initially a fan of performers Johnny Carson, The Smothers Brothers and Steve Martin. During his college years at the Heidelberg College, Brian was actively involved in sports and played as the wide receiver for his college football team. He initially intended to purse a career in accounting, but one of the football coaches encouraged Brian to get into theatre and communications. Following on the advice, Brian developed a passion for standup comedy. During his final year at the college, he decided to drop out to pursue his new found interest professionally.


Fascinating audiences with his fresh material, Brian slowly began to make his mark from one stage to another. In 1997, he released his first CD, ‘Brian Regan Live’. It featured recordings of Brian’s uproarious live shows and stand up acts. Following the release of the CD, Brian continued to tour around the country, enthralling audiences with his highly relatable material for all ages. In 2004, Brian performed live at the ‘Irvine Improv’ titled ‘Walked on the Moon’. The highly well received performance was recorded and self-released by Brian on a DVD, which sold thousands of copies throughout the country.

A deal with Comedy Central led Brian towards starring in two standup specials on the network. The first one-hour special ‘Standing Up’ premiered on the network in June 2007. The second special titled ‘The Epitome of Hyperbole’, debuted on Comedy Central in September 2008. Both the specials were recorded and released on DVDs. Brian was also signed by the network to headline a theater tour titled ‘Brian Regan in Concert: A Comedy Central Live Event’.

Over the years, Brian has appeared in numerous comedy specials and TV shows including ‘Shorties Wathcin’ Shorties’, ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’, ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn’ and ‘Comedy Central Presents’.

The Live Experience

Brian continues to attract masses at his live stand-up shows every year. His self-deprecating and sarcastic humor has made Brian a celebrity in his own right, notably without the help of platforms such as Saturday Night Live. His clean and fresh material keeps theater halls roaring with laughter. Brian easily manages to make even the simplest ordeals such as going to a departmental store or shipping a package a laughable experience. Every season, thousands of fans flock to get hands on Brian Regan tickets. The viewers can make sure to catch the celebrated comedian live in action for a memorable journey along with friends and family.


Did You Know…


  1. Since 2005, Brian has visited over eighty cities each year under his non-stop theater tours.
  1. Appearing for the first time in 1995, Brian recently made his twentieth appearance on the celebrated show, the Late Show with David Letterman.
  1. Respected for his clean and off-center humor, Brian is known in the comedy circuit as the ‘comic’s comic’.
  1. Brian’s brother, Dennis Regan, is also a stand-up comedian.
  1. Brian’s first one-hour special for Comedy Central, ‘Standing Up’, was recorded in Irvine California at the Barclays Theater.