Boz Scaggs Tickets

Boz Scaggs mixes his incredible talents of singing, songwriting and guitar playing in perfect portions to prepare his music records. With a career spanning almost five decades, he has made a sizable contribution to the genres by his lasting musical works. Scaggs’s endless passion still keeps him active on the modern music scene and he regularly comes on the road to connect with his fans. With the release of his first studio album in the past five years, Scaggs will be touring major cities in the US and Australia for most of 2014. Join him in one of the musical evenings to listen to some of his classic and newest hits live.


Boz Scaggs


Rock, Soul

Hit Songs:

Lido Shuffle, Low Down, We’re All Alone, Look What You’ve Done to Me, Miss Sun, What Can I Say

Fame with the Bands

Boz Scaggs’s pursuit for music started when he began playing guitar at twelve. Collaborating with his friend and musician, Steve Miller, Scaggs formed one of the duo’s initial bands and performed at local gigs. During the time, he also became part of the bands like Mother Earth and Wigs. In 1965 he moved to Sweden and recorded his first solo record but it couldn’t commercially perform well. Scaggs found success by contributing his talents to Steve Miller Band. Continuous touring with the group boosted his image.

Solo Success

In 1968, Boz Scaggs earned a recording deal with the Atlantic Records and released his self-titled album. The record met with favorable reviews and also achieved reasonable sales. Scaggs released three moderately successful albums in 1971 and 1972. The following album, Slow Dancer came out in 1974 and became a Gold certified record. Scaggs ruled the music charts with his 1976 record, Silk Degrees. The album peaked at two on the Billboard 200 and received multiple Platinum certifications. He launched his headlining world tour and made stops at different cities. Mounting sales of Boz Scaggs tickets made the tour an internationally successful event and he sold out multiple venues. This musical feat was followed by another Platinum record, Down Two Then Left which was released in 1977.

Scaggs came up with his tenth studio record, Middle Man in 1980. It spawned two top twenty hit singles and turned out to be a top ten record on the Billboard 200. In the same year, he released a Gold certified album, Hits!. The decade ended with his successful concert series and Scaggs became one of the most popular musicians of the time.

Post 1980 and Recent Times

Boz Scaggs took a long break from recording and it almost took him eight years to get back to the music scene with his album, Other Roads. In the same year, he started a nightclub named Slim’s in San Francisco. His next studio album, Some Change was released in 1994 and maintained his standing in the industry. 90s came to close with his moderately successful record, My Time: A Boz Scaggs Anthology.

In 2001, Scaggs released The Lost Concert. The album didn’t chart but helped him stay in touch with his fans. His 2008 album, Speak Low revived his name on the music charts as it made its way to the Billboard 200. A streak of shows and live performances added to his reputation. The album marked another hiatus in his career and he didn’t release any new record. Recollecting important events from his life, Boz Scaggs began recording for his latest album. MEMPHIS, released in March 2013, consisted of his memories and experiences about his hometown and is one of his very personal works. The album peaked at seventeen on the Billboard 200 and Scaggs announced his international live shows.

Boz Scaggs Live

With a number of shows lined up in the US and abroad, Boz Scaggs will be performing some of the greatest hits from his career. Scaggs’s concerts feature his passionate live performances that instantly capture the attendees. Look out for his tour schedule to enjoy one of his live shows in your town.


Did You Know…

  • Boz Scaggs’s birth name is William Royace Scaggs and he is also known by his nickname, Bosley.
  • He met Steve Miller in high school and did two albums with his band before going solo.
  • Scaggs won a Grammy for his song, Lowdown.
  • He and his wife have their own vineyard.
  • His song, Look What You’ve Done to Me became one of the soundtracks of 1980 film, Urban Cowboy.