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One of America’s most popular standup comedians, Bill Maher is expected to perform as part of the New York Comedy Festival this season. With a successful career, the talented artist has become a household name. His fans are always there at his standup shows to watch their favorite comedian perform. His sold out shows prove that Bill Maher tickets are still some of the most sought after tickets.


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New York Comedy Festival presents Bill Maher

The upcoming performance will be a part of the New York Comedy Festival, an annual event held in New York City. Inaugurated in 2004, the New York Comedy Festival is brought forth by the Huffington Post, Comedy Central and Caroline’s Club. The festival brings together some of the biggest names of the industry. Over the years artists who have made their way include Ricky Gervais, Tracy Morgan, Mike Birbiglia, Dane Cook, Mike Epps, Artie Lange and Bill Maher. This year, Bill Maher returns to perform at the annual celebration at the Beacon Theatre. Apart from holding standup performances, the New York Comedy Festival also awards the prestigious Andy Kauffman Award each year. The honor is provided to the comedian who closely reflects the courage, humor and originality of the late Kauffman. Artists who have received the award include Suzanne Whang, Reggie Watts, Blaine Kneece, Kristen Schaal and Brent Weinbach.

Introducing Bill Maher

Born in 1956, William Maher, Jr. more popularly known as Bill Maher is a popular American television host, standup comedian, author, satirist and actor. Born in New York City, Maher spent most of his childhood in River Vale, New Jersey. Just a year after graduating in 1978, Maher started performing at the comedy club in New York City. He started off by hosting the “Catch a Rising Star” show. He was soon discovered and invited to perform at David Letterman’s and Johnny Carson’s comedy shows. Gaining momentum, the comedian was seen making guest appearances in television shows namely Sara, Max Headroom, Murder She Wrote, Charlie Hoover, Ratboy, D.C. Cab, Pizza Man and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

Bill Maher’s Repertory

Throughout his career that has dated for over twenty three years the artist has acted in countless television series and films, authored several books and served as a commentator for several cable networks. Some of his most popular writings include True Story: A Novel, Does Anybody Have a Problem with That, Keep the Statue of Liberty Closed: The New Rules, the New New Rules and New Rules. Television shows that have presented the comedian include Sara, Dharma & Greg, Just for Laughs, Family Guy, House of Cards, True Blood, The Boondocks, The Good Wife and Real Time with Bill Maher, to name a few.

Maher’s Comedic Style

Bill Maher is known for his sarcastic standup style that usually targets topics relating to politics, religion, political correctness, bureaucracies and greed. He is mostly seen targeting high level electorates for lacking intellectual curiosity and correctness. Maher has also established cynical views when it comes to mass media and this is often reflected in his humor. He also talks about same-sex marriages and legalization of marijuana and supports his stances regarding these topics. As a result of the above mentioned skeptical views, Maher’s comedy borderlines narcissism.  

Bill Maher’s showcases are known to bring in his fans from all over America. Like his previous shows, Bill Maher tickets are predicted to be sold out within weeks.

Some Interesting Facts about Bill Maher:

  • Bill Maher is famous for his critical views regarding religion. The 2008 documentary titled “Religulous” was based on his perspectives.
  • In 2010, the comedian was awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Bill Maher made it all the way to Comedy Central’s list of 100 greatest comedians of all time. He was placed at 38th spot.
  • Apart from being a standup comedian, Maher is a popular commentator as well. He has appeared on cable networks such as MSNBC, CNN, HLN and FOX News.
  • He has also produced several television programs including his 2013’s production titled “Vice”, a series that ran on HBO.