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With their most recent album, “Fragrant World” released last year, Yeasayer is in the limelight once again. The band is renowned for its eccentric  music style. Their music has been changing over the years and this time again they have come up with a new music wonder for the fans. Both the albums previously released by the band were radically different from each other, and this latest one is another addition that shows the band's originality and innovative streak.

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The album, “Odd Blood” reached No. 5 on Billboard Independent Albums chart

“Odd Blood” landed on No. 63 on Billboard 200 Albums

“Odd Blood” reached No. 64 on U.K Albums Chart

Yeasayer is a quartet that makes baroque folk music with a mix of rock. Sounding tribal at times and futuristic at others, the music by the band is an intricate combination of junkyard percussion, four-part harmonies, squelches and guitar beats. The strength and the distinguishing mark of the band is its refusal to be associated with one particular kind of music. Every album of Yeasayer is a new music revelation that discards the image set by the previous albums and redefines the band's style.
How It All Began…
Chris Keating and Anand Wilder were both studying in the ‘Park School of Baltimore' when they  played for the high school band ‘Sic Transit'. Although the music they produced even back then had originality, the two were deeply inspired by Built to Spill, Weezer, Pavement, The Clash and The Rentals etc. The duo separated after high school for higher studies but reunited in New York a couple of years later, and began from where they had left.
Chris took his old job of the vocalist and keyboard player, while Anand continued with vocals and guitar. Anand's cousin Ira Wolf Tuton also joined the duo as the bassist and finally Luke Fasano joined as the drummer in 2006. That sealed the band that was to become the sensational “Yeasayer”.
The Journey…
Initially the quartet performed on small platforms, but soon after its formation it started touring with its contemporaries like Quinn Walker, Grizzly Bear and Chairlift. In 2007, the band produced the first two singles “Sunrise” and “2080”. The debut album by the band, titled, “All Hour Cymbals” followed the same year. It was received quite warmly on the box office and led Yeasayer to quickly elevate to the standard of an indie band with strong fan following. Fans described the album as spiritual, and the artists themselves described the music as “Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel”. Yeasayer also started touring and attending festivals, and the incredible blend of live and recorded music performed by the band kept increasing its fan following.
Changing Music Style
To record their second album, Yeasayer moved to Woodstock, New York and rented a country home that belonged to a percussion musician Jerry Marotta. 2010 saw the release of “Odd Blood”. In complete contrast to the fans expectations, this album was nothing like the debut album “All Hour Cymbals”. Instead, it presented the fans with a completely different side of the band. There were dynamic synthetic sounds and dance-oriented thumping beats which took the listeners by surprise. As a result the second album proved even more popular than their debut album.
In 2011, the band started working on their third album, “Fragrant World”, which was released in August last year. Although it shows continuation of the murkier shades of Odd Blood, the third album is quite distinctive. Featuring guest appearances from NOMO's Elliot Bergman and Kishi Bashi, this album consists of synthetic pop music darker than its predecessor albums.
Yeasayer tickets are being sold out fast as the curious fans wait anxiously to see which new side of Yeasayer they will be witnessing at their upcoming concerts. The continuous innovation along with the interesting music style of the band has kept the interest of the fans alive and increased their popularity graph which is soaring with passing time.

Did You Know?

  1. Yeasayer has two lead vocalists and two principle songwriters.
  2. The group produces music together as a unit, without anyone having more authority than others.
  3. Yeasayer also released an EP, ‘End Blood” in 2011.
  4. Yeasayer is in fact a psychedelic band but its music is hard to classify under one category only.
  5. The band's “O.N.E” has appeared on the soundtrack of FIFA'11 and also briefly in Project X.