Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Tickets

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) is an important part of Winnipeg’s rich cultural life. With its 2013-2014 season the orchestra will complete its 66 years in the music industry and plans to celebrate it by participating in the annual festival held at Carnegie Hall titled, ‘Spring for Music’. According to WSO’s Executive Director, Trudy Schroeder, “Every musician dreams of performing at Carnegie Hall, and I think every orchestra executive director hopes to be able to take an orchestra to Carnegie Hall”.

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Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Music Director:

Alexander Mickelthwate

Resident Venue:

Centennial Concert Hall

Spring for Music Festival

Spring for Music Festival is recognized to celebrate the creativity of North American Orchestras every year and since the early nineties, has presented more than 700 performances by 300 composers. Also, it has been the chosen site for conducting world premiers and has been the host for more than 200 premiere events so far. Owing to its popularity, the festival’s attendance on an average is recorded to be 10,300 every year. This time with the performance of WSO, it is expecting an even greater turnout. About the festival, WSO’s Music Director, Alexander Mickelthwate stated, “This is a historic moment for the orchestra. This program represents the essence and soul of the orchestra’s creative spirit and what we bring to the music lovers of Winnipeg.”

WSO’s Program- Carnegie Hall

Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will be presenting Derek Charke’s 13 Inuit Throat Song Games featuring the well known throat singer Tanya Tagaq, R.Murray Schafer’s Symphony No.1 and Vincent Ho’s The Shaman: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra featuring Dame Evelyn Glennie at the festival. All these pieces have been performed at WSO’s New Music Festival already and due to huge appreciation, are now taken to Carnegie Hall. The composers are excited about this opportunity and according to Glennie, “I am absolutely thrilled to be having my work presented at the Carnegie Hall by WSO”.

About Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

WSO performs more than 80 concerts every year to entertain 100,000 people from around the world.  It offers a wide range of musical experiences that includes music by master composers, educational performances, family and special concerts. Other than this, it also provides musical foundation to a few art groups such as Manitoba Opera and Royal Winnipeg Ballet. WSO’s musicians perform with Manitoba Chamber Orchestra and visit rural Manitoba for its Holiday Express Tour annually. Its upcoming event at the Carnegie Hall is not one of its regular performances of the year and excited fans are already purchasing Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra tickets.


Did You Know

  • Winnipeg is known to be the ‘Cultural Cradle of Canada’ and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra is an integral part of it.
  • Every year the WSO conducts a themed event during the Holiday season along with special activities and performances before the concert.
  • Alexander Mickelthwate started conducting at the age of 32 while generally artists don’t qualify for being a conductor until they’re in their 40s.
  • Alexander Mickelthwate made his subscription debut performance at a 30 minutes’ notice when he stepped in for John Adams and Mikko Frank.
  • Mickelthwate serves as the Assistant Conductor for Los Angeles Philharmonic and was chosen from eight finalists shortlisted from 150 global applications.