Vince Neil And Stryper

Vince Neil And Stryper Tickets

The famous heavy metal performer, known as the lead singer of Mötley Crüe is teaming up with the glam metal band from the 80s, Stryper for a live concert. These two famous glam/heavy metal acts will be performing on 10th of August at Wisconsin State Fair and Vince Neil & Stryper tickets for the event are in great demand. This epic collaboration will take place at the Wisconsin State Fair Park which is known to host many popular events. 

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Artists: Vince Neil & Stryper

Hit Songs by Vince Neil: You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come), Can't Have Your Cake,

Hit Songs by Stryper: Honestly, In God We Trust, From Wrong to Right

Vince Neil
Boasting a strong voice, Vince Neil has been rocking the music industry since 1981. He was first discovered when he was performing in 1980 with a band named Rock Candy. At that time the band Mötley Crüe was looking for a lead singer and after getting impressed by Neil's voice, offered him to join the band. The band released its first album titled “Too Fast for Love” soon after. They found mainstream success after the release of 1983's “Shout at the Devil” which was a huge hit. After a short breakup, Neil got back with the group in 1985. The band's highest selling album till date is “Girls, Girls, Girls” that came out in 1989.
Vince Neil parted ways with the band in 1992. At that time he started a totally different venture, which was based on his love for sports. However, he signed a record deal as a solo artist with Warner Brothers soon. His first solo album titled “Exposed” came out in 1993 and debuted on Billboard Chart at number thirteen. In 1997, Neil and Mötley Crüe got together again to support the failing careers of both. The reunion proved to be a smart move for both the parties and they have been rocking the stage together since then.
Stryper is a Christian metal band that was formed in 1983 and consists of Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Tim Gaines and Oz Fox. The band was originally called “Roxx Regime” but later changed its name to the current one. It is famous for being the first Christian heavy metal band to have made a mark in the music industry. The band signed to Enigma Records in 1983 and their debut studio album titled “The Yellow and Black Attack” was released. The band came up with two more albums that were certified Gold and rose to prominence during the 80s. In 1992 Stryper disbanded, following which the members embarked on solo careers and went separate ways.
In 1999 the band reunited when they were invited to perform at a rock festival that was taking place in Puerto Rico. In 2003, the Hollywood Record approached them and asked them to release a ‘Greatest Hits' album. Stryper has recently finished working on its brand new album “No More Hell to Pay” which is to be released in the Fall of 2013. With all these new songs, the band is now on a tour and will be teaming up with Vince Neil soon for a rocking performance.

Did You Know…

  • Robert Sweet, Stryper's drummer is famous by the name “Visual Time Keeper” because of his wild drumming.
  • Michael Sweet apart from being a successful guitarist is also a well known author.
  • Vince Neil is the creator of Las Vegas' "Off the Strip Poker Tournament".
  • Vince Neil is a sports enthusiast and participated in car racing.
  • Tim Gaines and Oz Fox have a separate band named Sin Dizzy.