Valentines Super Love Jam Tickets

The Valentine’s Day bash is back with R&B/Soul lineup that the fans have been waiting all year long for. A series of concerts are arranged every year by several concert arranging companies in collaboration, which are now considered among the biggest R&B events of the year. The Valentine’s Super Love Jam tickets are selling fast for the event. The bash will be taken across five cities on the 1st, 13th, 14th and 15th of February, which includes San Antonio, San Diego, Phoenix, San Jose and Fresno. The lineups include several old and new R&B bands, such as The Intruders, Peaches and Herbs, Midnight Star, Blue Magic, Sly, Slick & Wicked.

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Valentine’s Super Love Jam 

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The Intruders

Originally founded by Sam Brown, Robert Edwards, Philip Terry, Eugene Daughtry and Robert Ferguson, The Intruders got famous during the 60s and 70s. It was among the first bands to initiate hit singles under Leon Huff and Kenny Gamble, the writer and producer. The band had a very major influence over the developing Philadelphia soul music scene. They released seven studio albums during their career, latest one was “How Long Has It Been” which came out in 2002 through Moon Ent. Today, the name of the band has been kept alive by Bobby Starr, Phill Gay and Glenn Montgomery. They continue to record music and perform live.

Peaches & Herbs

Originally founded by the duo, Francine Hurd Barker (Peaches) and Herb Fame, Peaches and Herb was one of the most influential R&B and soul vocal duo of the late 60s and 70s. The original duo recorded nine studio albums till 1983. Following Francine’s death, Herb has been continuing the duo in collaboration with other female artists. Seven different singers have taken up the place of Peaches since her passing, the latest one being Meritxell Negre belonging to Barcelona. Their recent release was “Colors of Love” that came out in 2009.

Blue Magic

Founded in 1972, Blue Magic, the famous R&B band of its time originally consisted of Ted Mills, Wendell Sawyer, Vernon Sawyer, Richard Pratt and Keith Beaton. The band grew on the Philadelphia R&B scene during its time and influenced many bands and artists of the future as well. They released nine studio albums during their career, last one being “My Magic Is Real” which came out in 1995. Their most famous soul ballads include Spell, Sideshow, Stop to Start, Three Ring Circus and What’s Come Over Me. Blue Magic continues to tour across the world with its new lineup and even today inspires soul fans.

Sly, Slick & Wicked

Sly, Slick & Wicked is a Cleveland based rhythms and blues band that was formed in the 70s. The original members were John Wilson, Mark Saxton and Charles Still. They are known for their famous songs which include Stay My Love, which reached the Top Ten chart during the 70s. In 2003, the band was honored with “Men of Motown Award” by Motown Museum. They were also included in the Motown Alumni Association Hall of Fame. A year later, they were also inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as well.

Midnight Star

Midnight Star, the R&B and electro funk band was formed in 1976 by Reggie Calloway, Jeff Cooper and Vincent Calloway. They are famous for a number of their songs released during the 80s which made it big, including Operator. Through Solar Records, the band released eight studio albums from 1980 to 1990. In 2002, a new album “15th Avenue” was released through Reel Star. Apart from that, four of their compilation albums have been released as well, latest being “Ultimate Collection” that came out in 2006. The new lineup of the band continues to inspire the fans even today.

These five famous names of R&B will be visiting different cities this February for the Valentine’s Day Jam, along with several other artists from the industry.


Did You Know…

  • Sam Brown from The Intruders committed suicide in 1995.
  • Meritxell Negre from Peaches & Herbs is the very first Peaches who is not African American.
  • Today, there are two Blue Magic bands, one led by Freddie Ingleton and the other one consisting of some of the original members.
  • Sly, Slick & Wicked created the song "Sho-Nuff", which happens to be the sample used by Justin Timberlake & Jay Z in "Suit & Tie".
  • The band Midnight Star was originally formed by the students of Kentucky State University.