Tim Barry Tickets

Tim Barry, the rising rock singer, guitarist and songwriter is going to bring brand new songs from his new solo venture to the fans all through the year 2013. The dates of upcoming concerts for July, August, September and October have now been announced. His website is covering his tour in a grand way and all the popular live videos have now been made available. Tim Barry tickets have sold out fast in the recent live shows as the audiences are found singing along with the artist popular numbers like South Hill and Shoulda Oughta.

Name: Tim Barry

Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia

Hit Songs: Shoulda Oughta, South Hill, Driver Pull

Tim Barry, previously famous for being the lead vocalist of ‘Avail', the punk rock band based in Virginia, is now making a mark in his solo career. While he was still an active member of Avail, he was also working as the bass guitarist for another folk punk band named ‘(Young) Pioneers'. In 2004 Barry embarked on a solo career and continues to record music and tour across the nation. Barry's songs are based on his personal thoughts and experiences.
Years with ‘Avail'
Tim Barry was a member of the band “Learning Disabled Kids” before he was approached by Joe Banks to join Avail. At the time of its inception the band was based in Reston but moved to Richmond in 1990. The lineup changed several times during these years until it finally settled down with a solid one in 1992. Soon after the band released its first album titled “Satiate”.
Avail's last album was “Front Porch Stories” that was released in 2002 through Fat Wreck Chords. Although the band members never officially announced any break up, they haven't performed live together since 2008. They have all gone their separate ways with Barry taking up a solo career and Joe Banks forming The Ghost Run band in 2009.
The Year with (Young) Pioneers
For a year Tim Barry was also a part of (Young) Pioneers, another band belonging to Richmond. This folk punk band remained active from 1993 to 1999 and included members of accomplished bands such as ‘Avail', ‘Ted Leo and the Pharmacists' and ‘Born Against'. Barry toured excessively with the band as the bass guitarist.
Barry's Solo Career
Politically conscious Tim Barry embarked on a solo career in 2004. Barry was so full of inspiration that he wanted to embed his thoughts and feelings into his music. Leaving behind the hard rock music of Avail, he adopted more of the folk-Woody Guthrie inspired tones. The only thing common between his career with the band and his solo one is his gruff voice, which of course has not changed. With his guitar and tons of lyrics in mind, Barry started off his solo career by recording some demos in 2005. At first he only meant to release it for his friends as an experiment. However later, through a friend he was eventually able to release an album titled “Laurel Street Demo 2005” which had eight of his songs.
Tim Barry has released his latest album this year (2013) by the name of “40 Miler”. Unlike his previous albums, which had darker lyrics, based around the lyricist's desire of death and “no regret” in leaving behind the world, this new one is filled with hope. According to Barry himself, this new take on life is because he now feels a lot stronger and full of hope than he used to before. With all the new songs ready to be revealed to the fans, Barry has now hit the road.

Did You Know…

  • Barry has mixed views on new media as he's a believer in turning off the computer, unhooking the television, and living.
  • Barry enjoys newspapers more as compared to reading on internet.
  • He ‘home-school' himself by learning something new every day, be it auto repair or economics.
  • He rarely socializes as after performing live throughout the year he finds crowds overwhelming.
  • He grows his own vegetables and will soon feature in a documentary on ‘Sustainable Gardening'.