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The five good looking singers decided to bring their music talent together in 2009 and formed the sensational boy band ‘The Wanted’. The English-Irish band took the music arenas by storm when they released their first single ‘All Time Low’. Later when their self-titled debut album came out in 2010, it went directly to peak on the charts. With three chart topping singles this album established the pentad as an unavoidable name in the music industry. This new heartthrob band is selling hot and fans are excitedly buying The Wanted tickets because they are impatient to see their beloved stars live on stage.

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The Wanted




Popular Songs:

All Time Low

Show Me Love

It has not been long that these five dashing singers have come on the scene but it is hard to find any music lover who has not already heard ‘The Wanted’ band’s music and got hooked on it. The hot and handsome boys of this band are as exceptional in their music talents as at their live stage performances. Their debut album produced three top twenty songs in the United States and charted at number four in the United Kingdom.

Let’s Meet the Pentad

The Wanted consists of one Irish and four English guys with incredible musical talents. The stern looking Max George, former model Siva Kaneswaran, the dance expert Jay McGuiness, the cutest of all Tom Parker and the baby of the group, eighteen year old Nathan Sykes have put their mark as the ultimate teen sensation of modern music.

Very few of the new boy/girl bands are able to survive the immense competition in today’s music industry and even fewer get the rank of super stars. Hardly anyone can reach the unthinkable heights in such a short span of time as The Wanted had done in a total number of four years. With three super hit albums already in their repertoire the ensemble shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Their latest album, ‘Word of Mouth’ has just released preceded by five smash hit singles, and has received a great response from the fans worldwide. The remarkable group is planning their international tour after the release, and fans are showing their full support and excitement to see the band perform live.

History and the Journey to Stardom

The group was discovered by Jayne Collins, who also discovered The Saturdays and Parade. Out of a thousand people in a span of nine months George, Sykes and Parker were chosen who were later joined by McGuiness and Kaneswaran. The pentad not only proved themselves in singing and music making abilities, but they are also the co-authors of five tracks on their debut album. The debut single ‘All Time Low’ by The Wanted hit number one on the UK charts and stayed in the top forty tracks for more than seventeen weeks straight. Following this, two more singles were released which repeated the success story of the debut track. The eponymous debut album of the band itself became certified platinum in the UK.

The Wanted also took a fifteen date, twelve city tour in 2010, by the name of “Behind Bars”. Turnout of fans coupled with the spectacular performances delivered by the band made the tour a smashing success. The second album by the band, ‘Battleground’ was released in 2011, whose ten out of fifteen songs were written by the talented musicians themselves. “The Code” tour followed the release of this second album and made success records again. The latest album by the band, ‘Word of Mouth’ released in 2013 and now The Wanted are all set for their first ever world tour, titled ‘Word of Mouth Tour’. Fans are excited already for The Wanted tickets and it seems this upcoming tour will repeat the smashing success record of the previous tours by the talented band.

More about The Wanted

  • On the personal request of Justin Bieber himself, the band toured South America with him.
  • Tom tried for the X Factor but could not get past the first round.
  • The Wanted has also recorded a song named “Jealousy” with the incredibly talented singer Rihanna.
  • The upcoming tour of the band will be their first ever world tour.
  • Nathan participated in at least six music competitions before becoming part of the band.