The Ten Tenors Tickets

Australian troupe The Ten Tenors have taken the world of music by storm. Their version of rock and opera has mesmerized fans all around the globe. These fabulous performers are now on an epic tour that will take them to a number of countries for performances that promise to be nothing short of special. The journey around the world has started and thousands of fans have turned up to catch them perform live every time they have stepped on to the stage. This is your chance to watch these immensely talented performers combine to headline a concert you will not forget.


The Ten Tenors

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The Ten Tenors have been a revelation in the industry. They have provided music fans around the world with an incredible fusion of rock and opera and have come up with sounds that have now become their staple. Their rise to international stardom is a culmination of a long, hard journey and all that they offer has turned them into one of the most sought after groups on the circuit today. Their tour is now underway and it gives fans around the U.S. and beyond a chance to experience what makes them so special. Fans buy The Ten Tenors tickets in big numbers wherever the troupe performs and these sales figures are expected to soar to new levels in the not too distant future.

The Beginning

The Ten Tenors is not just any other band. Their story begins from the time the group’s members first became friends during college days. They wanted to take their learning in the music school to a whole new level. They wanted to explore and to venture into unchartered territories. That drive led them to form The Ten Tenors in the year 1995. That is how the story of the band got underway and those modest beginnings were to go and turn their lives upside down soon enough.

The Ten Tenors Start To Perform

The band started off performing on a relatively low scale. They performed locally in Australian outback and at different universities. They took opera music and gave it a new dimension by mixing it with rock. It was a tough thing to do but they made it work. Slowly but surely things began to look up and their music started to make Australian music fans sit up and take notice. They made quite a few noises in Australia for the next few years without getting a chance to showcase their talent in front of an international audience. That however was about to change, and in a big way.

International Exposure and Success

In 2002, The Ten Tenors earned an opportunity to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest which was a television program from Germany. That was the kind of break they had always wanted and the band didn’t let that chance go without making a serious impression. They brought the house down with a spellbinding performance that immediately caught the attention of the masses.

That performance changed their lives forever. Their tour after that performance turned into a sold-out music extravaganza in no time at all. The Ten Tenors then made their way to other parts of Europe and Asia. In 2003, they came over to the United States and received an overwhelming response there as well. They have come out with collections like Larger than Life, Tenology, A Not So Silent Night, Here’s to the Heroes and Double Platinum, all of which have resulted in putting them on the ranks of the fastest rising music stars in the business today.

Did You Know?

  • The Ten Tenors perform around two hundred and fifty concerts ever year.
  • Their touring schedule lasts for approximately ten months a year.
  • They have sold well over three and a half million tickets around the globe.
  • Here’s To The Heroes was recorded in Australia, the United States and the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.
  • Here’s To The Heroes is now available in a whopping twenty seven different countries around the globe.