The Scintas

The Scintas Tickets

A visit to Vegas is incomplete without watching one of the Top Five shows of the Entertainment Capital, The Scintas. The show is a combination of hilarious impressions, music and laughter moments at every turn. It takes you back in time and amazes you with the performances and amusing antics. Millions of people have seen the Scintas family do its comical acts on the stage and a million are yet to enjoy it because a show like this can never get dull. 

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Event Name:

The Scintas

Run Time:

75 mins approx.

Notable Songs:

Man of Constant Sorrow

Haven't Met You Yet

I Have Nothing

America the Beautiful

You Make Me Feel So Young

The Scintas is a one big happy family with Joe and Frank - the two brothers, their sister Chrissi, and Peter O'Donnell - their adopted brother. They have an Italian heritage and an American identity and they are proud of it. Bringing their act to Vegas, they have gained such a popularity that has only kept on growing until the show became one of the most famous in the city. This high-energy show is fit for all ages, presenting a diverse collection of songs with a heavy topping of good-natured comedy that is oh-so-amazing.

The D Las Vegas

The D Las Vegas is the new resident venue for The Scintas. The 638-room, 34-storey high The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel is a perfect choice for a show like this. Even while you are going up the steps to the hall, you will start having the feeling that you are being drawn in to the good old times as is the setting of the show. The venue is owned by Greg and Derek Stevens and was known as at the ‘Fitzgeralds' before the whole place was renovated and turned into what it is today. 

The Scintas Experience

It is wonderful how much talented these performers are and it's not hard to believe that once you have actually watched the show. The music is great; the songs they perform are great and especially all the performances. It's a perfect lounge show; a nice family entertainment. Chrissi's appearance defies her age and her charisma is infectious. The Scintas tickets are always a nice buy because ‘the Scintas jokes' are good to hear every time.

What's New in The Scintas

It was a sad moment when it was discovered that Chrissi has encountered a severe throat problem and she cannot sing for a while now. But as they say, the show must go on. The Scintas moved to a new resident venue with Janien Valentine, a Buffalo NY native with powerful mezzo soprano vocals as the replacement for the loveable Chrissi. And although Chrissi's charm on the stage will be missed until she recovers and comes back, there will be Janien to amaze the audience – and from the looks of it, she's doing a wonderful job. Hence, all the more reasons to watch The Scintas now and every time.


More about The Scintas

  • Janien Valentine is from Buffalo, NY, the same as Chrissi and the other Scintas.
  • The Scintas have been residents at The Rio and Las Vegas Hilton before moving to the D.
  • Janien has performed at La Jolla Playhouse, at Planet Hollywood in “Peepshow” and is a part of an opera trio named Poperazzi.  
  • A horn section is also added to the band in addition to Janien to make their music more operatic.
  • The Scintas' popular impersonations include those of Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Kermit the Frog, Lou Rawls, Joe Crocker, Mick Jagger and Neil Diamond.