The Piano Guys Tickets

The Piano Guys are an American musical group which became popular on YouTube after uploading videos of covers, renditions and mash-ups of popular songs and sound tracks.  Their music was accompanied by professional videos that were shot and edited to suit the music they were uploading. The Piano Guys became an online viral sensation and that is how their music gained attention.


The Piano Guys



Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson and Al Van der Beek



Pop/rock mashed up with Classical


Famous Songs

Cello Wars, Cello Song, Beethoven’s 5 secrets

One of the most innovative and exciting musical ventures out there, the Piano Guys have touched millions of people with their music. In an age where pop music and synthesizers rule the industry, the group has brought back the classics, with just a piano and cello, in a manner that compliments both the genres. The group is currently doing a nationwide tour and if you want to be a part of it then reserve before they finsih.


About The Band

The group basically comprises Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Tel Stewart, Paul Anderson and Al Van der Beek. Paul Anderson is the producer/ videographer of the band. Jon Schmidt is the primary pianist in the group and also contributes to songwriting. Steven Sharp Nelson is the primary cello player and is also a songwriter for the group. The brains behind the music are provided by Al Van der Beek, who is the music producer and primary songwriter for the group.


The group was formed completely by chance. In a small town in Southern Utah, Saint George, Paul Anderson was looking to capitalize on internet marketing to promote his Piano Store, Piano Guys. Purely by chance Jon Schmidt also walked into the store as he was looking to practice on some pianos for an upcoming show. Anderson had the brilliant idea of asking Schmidt if he would be willing to play in a promotional video for the store. It was a win-win situation for both and Schmidt agreed. He brought on board his friend and performing partner, Cello player Steven Sharp Nelson. Nelson brought on board his neighbor, Al van der Beek, who had a studio in his house and was a music producer. Piano store employee Tel Stewart was just completing a degree in videography at the time and became an essential element of the videos the band uploaded to You Tube. Thus, The Piano Guys came into being.   


The Music

The band’s music is a wonderful fusion of the classical and modern. Using the piano and cello to great effect, they are able to create a beautiful concoction of melodies that give classic songs a new twist. Some of their most famous works include "Michael Meets Mozart" (A mash up of Michael Jackson and Mozart), "The Cello Song" (Nelson’s take on Bach), "Cello Wars" (A parody of Star Wars, featuring tunes from the movie’s soundtrack) and "Beethoven’s 5 secrets" (A mash up of Beethoven’s 5th symphony and One Republic’s "Secrets" performed with the American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic (Youth Orchestra))


The videos uploaded to YouTube became so popular that their channel became one of the most visited YouTube channels in the world. The channel won the "Most Up-and-Coming Channel" award in the "On the Rise" contest in June 2011. Their music also became hugely popular and The Piano Guys were offered a contract with Sony Music.


As of now they have released three albums, "Hits Volume 1", "The Piano Guys" and ""The Piano Guys 2". The second album, "The Piano Guys", was hugely successful and reached number one on the Billboard New Age Albums and Classical Albums charts.

The Piano Guys YouTube Channel Stats:


  1. The Piano Guys official YouTube channel has around 1,948,484 subscribers.
  2. Their videos have been viewed by more than 270 million people worldwide.
  3. In the past one month alone, their channel got 74,650 new subscribers. 
  4. In terms of subscribers, the Piano Guys are ranked 255 on YouTube.
  5. In terms of video views, they are ranked 493.