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The band labeled as “The Musical Ambassadors” of Ireland is now going to hit the road for a series of concerts across the United States. One of the stops they are going to make include a performance at Austin’s One World Theatre on 26th of February for which The Chieftains tickets are right now selling fast. After fifty successful years in the music industry, some people might think that it is time for Paddy Moloney and his gang of The Chieftains to rest. However, this is not the way the legendary band wishes to roll, they continue to inspire the fans with their music and live shows.

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Band Name:

The Chieftains

Hit Songs:

The Frost Is All Over, Factory Girl, Dance Duet, A: Reels, I Saw Three Ships A Sailing

Upcoming Tour:

USA 2014 Tour

Paddy Moloney in 1962

Paddy Moloney formed The Chieftains in 1962, by bringing together some of the top folk musicians belonging to Ireland, such as Michael Tubridy the flautist, Sean Potts the whistle virtuoso, Martin Fay the fiddler and David Fallon. Initially, the band recorded an album which didn’t do well. However, five years from that day, the band was to reunite once again with addition of Peader Mercier in place of Fallon and Sean Keane. In 1973, Derek Bell the harpist joined the band as well. However, it wasn’t till two years from then that the band officially started to play together full time as a group. This event is marked by their memorable performance that took place in London’s Royal Albert Hall. In the coming years, the band’s lineup fluctuated a great deal as well.

Variant Music and Historical Performances

The Chieftains’ early audience was filled with folk music lover. However, they continued to experiment with their music, adding variations and capturing a larger public. This has led to their current status of being one of the best Irish bands of the world. The band has been known not to fear in pushing boundaries and trying something new every now and then, a trait that remains intact to this day. The band also has the repute of being involved in some of the historical events across the world, including their tour to China and performance on the Great Wall. They are also the first band who performed at Washington’s Capitol Building. In 2001, the band appeared at the Ground Zero memorial service of the victims of 11 September in the New York City.

Recognitions and Collaborations

The Chieftains have over the years received numerous awards and recognitions, which include six Grammy Awards. One of their biggest achievements includes being named as “Ireland’s Musical Ambassadors”. They performed in front of the Pope and 135,000,000 people in 1979. In 1987, Chieftains were given a tribute on the Late Late Show on their 25th anniversary. In year 2010, Matt’s flute and Paddy’s whistle were sent off to the outer space with astronauts by NASA as a tribute to their legacy. When Queen Elizabeth II visited Ireland in 2011, the band performed in front of her as well.

The Chieftains have collaborated with several other famous names of the music industry as well. They collaborated with Ry Cooder, the guitarist and producer on the album “San Patrico” which was released by Concord Music Group. The album was a hit.

Legacy and Recent Years

Apart from six Grammys, The Chieftains have also won a Genie and an Emmy Award. The band was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by BBC Radio 2 of UK. Today, they have earned the repute of being among the Irish band’s that have defined the Irish culture through their music. The band is an inspiration to the old as well as the new rising bands. In 2012, the band celebrated five decades of success, and it didn’t just end there – they are hitting the road once again for their American Tour in 2014, hence there is a lot more to be expected from them.


More About The Chieftains

  • The Chieftains’ first album was titled “Chieftain 1” and was released in 1963.
  • The band was labeled as “technically superb” by Mason.
  • According to New York Times “Moloney is master of bellows-blow instrument, uilleann pipes
  • Before the band made Irish music popular across the globe, it wasn’t even very popular in Ireland itself.
  • Moloney, in the early years used to produce albums for Claddagh Records